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Enquiries through recommendations


When writing to a supplier who has been recommended, it may be to your advantage to mention the fact.


(a) Enquiry


Dear Sir/Madam


My neighbour, Mr W Stevens of 29 High Street, Derby, recently bought an electric lawnmower from you. He is delighted with the machine and has recommended that I contact you.


I need a similar machine, but smaller, and should be glad if you would send me a copy of your catalogue and any other information that will help me to make the best choice for my purpose.


Yours faithfully


(b) Reply


Dear Mrs Garson


I enclose a catalogue and price list of our lawnmowers, as requested in your letter of 18 May.


The machine bought by your friend was a 38 cm RANSOME which is an excellent machine. You will find details of the smaller size of 30 cm shown on page 15 of the catalogue. Alternatively, smaller than this is the PANTHER JUNIOR shown on page 17.


We have both these models in stock and should be glad to show them to you if you would care to call at our showroom.


Please contact me if I can provide any further help.


Yours sincerely


Requests for samples


A request for a sample of goods provides the supplier with an excellent opportunity to present products to advantage. A reply should be convincing, giving confidence in the products.


(a) Enquiry


Dear Sirs


We have received a number of enquiries for floor coverings suitable for use on the rough floors which seem to be a feature of much of the new building taking place in this region.


It would be helpful if you could send us samples showing your range of suitable coverings. A pattern-card of the designs in which they are supplied would also be very useful.


Yours faithfully


(b) Reply


Dear Mrs King


Thank you Thank you for your enquiry for samples and a pattern-card of our

floor coverings.

Respond to the We have today sent to you separately a range of samples

request in the specially selected for their hard-wearing qualities. A pattern- enquiry card is enclosed.

Recommended For the purpose you mention we recommend sample number 5 specific samples which is specially suitable for rough and uneven surfaces.

and suggest We encourage you to test the samples provided. When you have follow-up done this if you feel it would help to discuss the matter we will

arrange for our technical representative to arrange to come and see you.

Enclose price Meanwhile, our price list is enclosed which also shows details list of our conditions and terms of trading.

Please contact me if I can be of further help.

Appropriate close Yours sincerely


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