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E-mail, or electronic mail, is how messages are sent over the Internet, and is increasingly common. Unlike telephone calls, e-mail is useful for differences in time zones and messages can be read when the receiver is ready.

This is an e-mail confirming that two colleagues will discuss contracts at a trade fair.


The electronic From: Judith Mahon@Waltersed-ema.com

address at the To Marcel. Liebenn@Goldrckpub-ema.com

top tells the receiver Date Fri, 16 Jul 200010:56:45

who the message Subject Trade Fair

is from.


The style is much

Information about Thanks for the message. I'm looking forward to seeing

the sender and you at the Hamburg trade fair next more informal

receiver appears at month. I'll bring the final contracts than letters, and

the top, so the with me and we can discuss them can be quite casual. over lunch.

writer does not

use traditional

greetings Best wishes




A memorandum (plural memoranda, abbreviation memo) is sent to people or whole departments inside the organization, never to a customer.

This is a memo warning staff that they may have problems with their computers.


c.c. means carbon copies, BLOGGS a BLOGGS Most companies print

and indicates that MEMO their own memo

you have sent stationery, but the

a copy of the memo headings are always

to someone else. the same.


To: All staff From: Michael McGovern, I.T. Centre

C.C. M.D. Subject: Computer Access

Date: 18 August 2000


The subject We will be upgrading the software installed The text is divided

line should on the network over the weekend. into paragraphs.

summarise It is therefore possible that you may have

what the problems accessing your computer on Monday Use bullet points

memo is morning. to list items.




No greeting If this is the case, please do one of the following:

(such as Press the restart key when the 'access denied' message comes up.

Dear. ..) Phone extension 2291 for help from a technician.


Put your initials We are doing everything we can to make sure

at the end, not things go smoothly, and will be glad to help

your full name. if you have any problems or queries.




Follow the instructions in this memo, and write a letter, setting it out in the spaces provided on the opposite page.


Sarah Barnard is Managing Director of Barnard Press Ltd., 183-7 Copwood Road, North Finchley, London N12 9PR, and Rosalind Wood is her secretary




To:Rosalind Date: 1March 19



Please type a reply to Claudio Bini of International Books


Address: Via Santovetti 117/9. 00045 Grottaferratta,

Rome, Italy.


Use reference RW/SB His letter dated 15 Feb


He asked about story-books in English and Italian for intermediate students. Tell him they're out of stock at the moment, but we'll be publishing a new list of them this summer. Send him details of the new list, and a current catalogue of present stock






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