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We are .... (organization) in .. .(town/country) and we are interested in ...

Our company is ... and we specialize in...

We are distributors (importers, retailers, etc.) of...

As distributors we have a large network of...

There is a large market here for your products.

We would like to represent your products in the Ukrainian market.

We are interested in buying (importing, etc.) ...


We read your advertisement in ...

With regard to your advertisement in ... of..., we would ask you...

We have heard of your products from...

We have seen your current catalogue showing...

We were given your name by...

You were recommended to us by...

We were advised by ... that you were interested in supplying...

Our associates in the ... industry speak highly of your ... and we would like to have more information about them/it. Could you send us...?

Asking for catalogues, pricelists, prospectuses

Could you please send your current catalogue and price-list for...? We are

particularly interested in...

Would you let us have your summer brochure for ... and supply details of any low fares and tariffs for the month of...?

I would appreciate your sending me an up-to-day price-list for your ...

Asking for details

I am replying to your advertisement in ... .I would like to know more about...which you offered at cost price.

Could you please give me more information about... which appears in your ... catalogue?

I would appreciate more details about... which you advertised in...

Asking for samples, patterns

When replying, could you please enclose a pattern card?

We would also appreciate it if you could send some samples of the material so that we can examine the texture and quality.

Please send us samples of...

Suggesting terms, methods of payment, discounts

We usually deal on a ...% trade discount basis with an additional quantity discounts for orders over ... units.

As a rule our suppliers allow us to settle by monthly statement and we can offer the usual references if necessary.

Could you let us know if you allow cash or trade discounts?

We intend to place a substantial order, and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow.

Asking for goods on approval or on sale or return

We would only consider placing an order provided it was on the usual basis of sale or return. If this is acceptable we will send you our official order.

Would it be possible for you to supply us with a range on an approval basis to see if we can encourage a demand for ...?... months/weeks would probably be enough to establish a market if there is one.


Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future.

We would be grateful for an early reply.

Your prompt answer will be (would be) appreciated.

Finally, we would like to point out that delivery before... (date) is essential and hope that you can offer us that guarantee.

If the concessions we have asked for could be met, we would place a substantial order.

Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover. We would

therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.

If the product is satisfactory, we will place further orders with you in the future.

If the prices quoted are competitive, and the quality up to standard, we will order on a regular basis.

Provided you can offer favourable quotations, and guarantee delivery within ... weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.


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