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Structure and presentation

Read the following statements and decide which are true T and which are false

1 If a letter begins with the receiver's name, e.g. Dear Mr. Ross, it will close with Your faithfully.

2 The abbreviation c.c. stands for “correct carbons”.

3 If you were writing a letter to Mr Peter Smith, you would open with Dear Mr Peter Smith.

4 The head of a company in the UK is known as The President'.

5 In the USA, it is correct to open a letter with the salutation Gentlemen.

6 The abbreviation enc or end means there are enclosures with the letter.

7 If you "were writing to a Knight whose name was Sir Roger Dumont, you would open the letter Dear Sir Dumont.

8 In the UK, the abbreviated date 2.6.95 on a letter means 6 February 1995.

9 If a secretary signs her name on a letter and her signature is followed by p.p. (per pro) Daniel Harris, it means she is signing on behalf of Daniel Harris.

10 A Managing Director in the UK is known as Chief Executive in the USA.

11 The term PLC after a company's name, e.g. Hathaway PLC, stands for 'Public Limited Corporation

12 The abbreviation for the term 'limited liability' in the UK is ltd.

13 If you did not know whether a female correspondent was married or not, it would be correct to use the term Ms, e.g. Ms Tessa Groves, instead of Miss or Mrs.

14 The following is an example of a blocked style:

Peter Voss

Oberlweinfeldweg 33



15 The above address is an example of 'open punctuation’.

16 The abbreviation in addressing a doctor, e.g. Doctor James Spock, would be Dt. Spock.

17 Rather than use the UK close of Yours sincerely/faithfully, Americans often choose Yours truly.

18 The abbreviation for 'company' is Co.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into either the present simple, (e.g. he works), or the present continuous, (e.g. he is working).

1 ICI (be) a large multinational company that (export) to countries all over the world.

2 The Managing Director (have) a meeting at the moment, but I will ask him to call you back.

3 Although the economic climate (improve) slowly, a lot of smaller companies (find) trading conditions difficult at the moment.

4 Office workers in the UK normally (start) at 9 a.m. and (go) home at 5 p.m.

5 At the moment the Sales Director is on a two-week tour of Europe, where he (meet) suppliers and (do) some market research.

6 We now (need) to expand, so we (negotiate) the lease of larger offices outside London.

7 I (write) to you to enquire about the possibility of setting up an agency in Spain for your products.

8 I (try) to get in touch with Mr. Peters, but I (not/have) much luck. He still (have) the same phone number?



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