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When you send a curriculum vitae and/or application form you should send a cover letterwith it. The main point of the letter is to tell the reader about relevant parts of your experience.

Choose a company you would like to work for. Prepare your curriculum vitae and complete the cover letter below to send with it. Point out any relevant skills/knowledge/experience that might help to get you an interview.















I am very interested in working for, _________________________, and would like to know if you have any openings for a hard-working, enterprising person with business knowledge and a desire to succeed.



I have enclosed a copy of my curriculum vitae and hope that you will contact me if you have any vacancies.



Thank you for your time





Look at Melanie Henderson's CV. Following the guidelines, prepare your own CV.

Curriculum vitae


Personal DetailsAddress

Melanie Henderson 99 Newlands Park


Date of birth SE30 8UJ

3.11.1978 Tel: 0171 25650


Put your most

recent studies first.


Degree in French and Film Studies, University of London

Degree performance to date: 2.1

Specialist subjects: British Cinema, The Narrative Technique

Don't go too 1992 -1997

far back in time Royal Latin School, Aylesbury

or leave any gaps 4 A Levels: French (B), German (C), English (B), Film studies (A) 7 GCSEs: French (A), German (A), English (A), History (B), Art (A), Maths (B), Economics (B)

Work experience

Put your most recent

experience firstInformation Officer, Futuroscope, France

Responsible for dealing with enquiries in a busy office, responding to 2,000 enquiries a week. This demonstrated my ability to retain a professional approach and a sense of humour while working under pressure.

Give more detail

about more relevant 1998

experienceCustomer Services Assistant

Provided support for customer enquiries. Dealing with customers' complaints demonstrated my ability to remain calm under pressure. Explaining complex issues simply and clearly helped me to develop my communication skills.

Miss thissection out Positions of responsibility

if you haven't In my final year at school, I helped organize a careers fair

a position of for all final year students



Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheets Working knowledge of French and Italian

Current clean driving licence


Don’t Interests

just list your Travel: I have travelled extensively and independently in Europe.

interests add a Music: I play the guitar in a semi-professional band and have

few details done a number of “gigs” for school and student clubs.



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