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Assurance of good -quality goods


First enquiries

When your enquiry is to a supplier whom you have not dealt with previously, mention how you obtained their name and give some details about your own business.

A reply to a first enquiry should be given special attention in order to create goodwill.


(a) Enquiry


Dear Sir/Madam


Background Dekkers of Sheffield inform us that you are

information manufacturers of polyester cotton bedsheets and pillow about enquiry cases.

Request for details We are dealers in textiles and believe there is a

promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of this kind.

Further queries Please let me have details of your various ranges including regarding prices sizes, colours and prices, together with samples of specific different qualities of material used.

quantities of goods Please state your terms of payment and discounts allowed on purchases of quantities of not less than 500 of specific items. Prices quoted should include delivery to our address shown above.

Your prompt answer will be appreciated.


Yours faithfully


(b) Reply


Dear Mrs Harrison

Thank you I was very pleased to receive your enquiry of 15 January and enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details requested.

Enclose relevant A full range of samples has also been sent by separate post. publications When you have had an opportunity to examine them, I feel

confident you will agree that the goods are excellent in quality and very reasonably priced.

Give further On regular purchases of quantities of not less than 500

details individual items, we would allow a trade discount of 33%. For

regarding payment within 10 days from receipt of invoice, an extra samples discount of 5% of net price would be allowed.

Reply to specific Polyester cotton products are rapidly becoming popular questions because they are strong, warm and light. After studying our regarding prices you will not be surprised to learn that we are finding it quantities difficult to meet the demand. However, if you place your

order not later than the end of this month, we guarantee delivery within 14 days of receipt.

Assurance of Refer to other products. I am sure you will also be interested to see quality, demand information on our other products which are shown in our delivery catalogue; if further details are required on any of these please

contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely

First enquiry from foreign importers


This letter is from a foreign importer so a friendly and helpful reply is neces­sary in order to create a good impression


Payment of the amount owing for goods supplied or services rendered is the final stage in a business transaction. In the retail trade transactions are usually for cash whereas in wholesale and foreign trade it is customary to allow credit.




1. You are J. du Pont, Managing Director of Fournier & Cie SA of Paris. Write to the Western Shoe Co. Ltd., Yeovil, Somerset S19 3AF, England, telling them where you have obtained their name and what you know about them.

Indicate that there is a good market in France for their products, and then ask them to send you their catalogue and anything else you think you should have. Round off your letter with an encouraging sentence before signing it. Remember to include the date and inside address, and make sure you use the correct salutation and complimentary close.

2. Use the following notes to compose a letter of enquiry for a firm of importers:

To the Drake Cycle Company, Ellington, New Zealand: Your new sports models seen at the Birmingham Trade Fair. Request details all models, catalogue, price-list, terms, delivery times. Require­ments: 50 each, women's and men's. Discounts? Future supply position?




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