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2, Read these words. Observe the character of the voiced consonants (a) in fully voiced position, (b) in initial position, (c) in final position.

(a) /b/ (b) /b/ (C) /b/

labour balm ebb

imbue bee nib

bet cab

/d/ /d/ /d/

Udder do hard

ready done hood

down mid

/g/ /g/ /g/

agony go big

again gain beg

guard league

Read these words. Observe (a) the longer character of the /tf, dg/ phonemes in terminal position and (b) the shorter character of the /tf, t^/ phonemes in pre-terminal position (when they are followed by /t, d/).

(a) each, fetch, match, scorch, putch, pouch, much, liege, ridge,
badge, large, lodge, gorge, George;

(b) reached, hitched, fetched, matched, searched, obliged, forged,
urged, judged

Read these words. Observe the longer character of the terminal allophones of the /f, v, s, x/ phonemes and their shorter character in initial position.

f —leaf, if, off, cough, half, rough, safe, life

— fee, fill, fence, fan, far, fox, four, fuss, food
v — leave, live, have, of, groove, love, serve

— veal, vest, vulgar, veil, vile, vow, vote, vet

s — face, tennis, various, piece, since, kiss, guess ■ — sister, sea, sincerely, sick, sitting, see, sake z — is, his, birds, days, guards, fees, please

— zeal, zebra, zed, zero, zest, zip, Zion, zone, Zouave

Б, Readjthese words. Pay attention to (a) the pal a to-alveolar character of the consonant modified by the following phoneme /j/; (b) the post-alveolar character of the consonant modified by the following phoneme /r/t < c) the lateral character of the consonant modified by the following phoneme III', (d) the labialized character of the consonant modified by the foil owing pno-neme /w/.

(a) beauty, tube, cute, duty, Gue, few;

(b) bright,, try, cry, dry, great, fry;

(c) blight, little, clever, middle, giggle, devil;
(a) twice, twenty, queen, Gwendolen, thwart -


Read these word combinations. Pay attention to the consonant modified by the following interdental /6, Э/.

at' the institute and the children

that's the latest news opened the window

on the hook on the radio

at the club about the'house

repairs the plug in the'bathroom

Control Task

Classify these word combinations according to the nature of modification within the group or at the end of it: (a) a loss of plosion, ' (b) an alveolar replaced by a dental, (c) the light and dark /I/.

will you read louder, will you please, sit down; read text 1, write down, next time, repeat the noun, in the noun, at' ths blackboard, clean the board, glad to see you, what can I do, like to have it, on the seventh, round the city, and the guest, on this, what country, -good time, tea and cake, many people, don't like, I'd like, on the bo.y's plate, just thirsty, mashed potatoes, mustard please, got to eat, that pub, will you tell me, tell the girl, work now, difficult to dealj silk dress, but good, hit nose

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