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Прочитайте и переведите следующие рекламно-информационные письма

Пример № 1

September 28, 1990

Ms. Sue Cross


230 N. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, II, 60601


Dear Ms. Cross:

It may have taken the president to give Kennebunkport, Meine, a place on the map, but a 10-year-old boy is literally putting the small hamlet of Parrott, VA., " on the map".

Young Chris Muncy from Mishawaka, Inc., wrote a letter to Randy McNally last year asking that Parrott, home of his grandparents and great-grandmother, be added to the company's top-selling Rand McNally Road Atlas. Muncy often traveled to Parrott (population 800) to visit his grandparents and found planning the route difficult without the small town on the map.

Now, thanks to Chris Muncy's letter, on October 2, Parrott, Va., takes its place on the map in the 1991 Rand McNally Road Atlas. It marks the 67th edition of the nation's best-selling annual paperback.

The new Rand McNally Road Atlas, updated annually, includes thousands of changes from the 1990 edition. These include additions of towns, highways, state parks, rest areas and other points of interest that are vital to the traveler.

The attached news release provides more information on the 1991 Road Atlas from Dr. Michael Dobson, the man who " puts towns on the map" for Rand McNally and leads the company's year-round effort to keep American motorists from getting lost.

I'll call you soon to determine your interest in pursuing this story. Should you require additional information, please contact me or Jim Heininger at 312/266-4550. We would be happy to arrange an interview for your with Dr.Dobson or Chris Muncy to further discuss making it " on the map".

Sincerely. Jeff Beckman Account Executive


Rand McNally Atlas - атлас «Рэнд Макнэлли». Географический атлас производства компании «Рэнд Макнэлли энд Ко», специализирующийся на картографических изданиях и выпускающий разнообразные атласы и отдельные географические карты. Эта издательская марка - знак высокой надежности картографических сведений.

Kennebunkport - Кеннебанкпорт. Город на юго-западе штата Мэн на берегу Атлантического океана, основан в 1629 г., модный летний курорт. Дом экс-президента Дж. Буша M.=Virginia - Вирджиния. Официальное сокращение названия штата.

Пример №2

May 2, 2015

Mr. Joe Smith
Features Editor
The Daily Herald
Anytown, OH 44444

Dear Joe:

On November 19, during halftime of the California-Stanford game, 80, 000 people will make history.

They'll be helping to establish a New World Record by participating in the largest participatory game in –a monumental round of Pictionary, led by the Stanford Marching Band.

The band will use formations to create pictures of words and phrases. The crowd will then have the chance to guess the word, by cheering at the appropriate choice read aloud by the public address announcer.

Rob Angel, the man who began the Pictionary craze, will be in town for the record-setting attempt. In just five years, Rob's risen from waiter to millionaire. One of the most successful game inventors in history, he's now a celebrity in his own right (he was recently featured on the cover of USA Weekend as part of their " Young Millionaires" issue).

Rob will be available to discuss the " Mega-Pictionary" game, and his role as inventor of America's favorite game on Thursday, November 17 or Friday, November 18.

I'll be in touch soon to discuss a possible interview. Look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely, Bill Stoller Media Director

Пример № 3

May 2, 2015

Ms. Joe Smith
Features Editor
The Daily Herald
Anytown, OH 44444

Dear Joe:

It was good speaking with you on Tuesday. As we briefly discussed, Pictionary inventor Rob Angel has just completed a national promotion in which he asked consumers to send him an artifact associated with the 1980’s. Their reward: a copy of the new version of the classic board game which includes many new “90’s” words and deletes many outdated “80’s” words and phrases.

The response has been tremendous, and now Rob is available to discuss, in a lighthearted way, the “significance” of his findings. The enclosed release will tell you a bit more about the type of 80’s items he received, and about the one item that, based on sheer volume, simply must be declared “The Ultimate Symbol of the 80’s”.

Rob can also discuss his remarkable experiences in creating Pictionary. As you may or may not be aware, he was a struggling 24 year old waiter when he first came up with the idea for the game and began selling it out of his trunk. Today, Pictionary is one of America’s all-time favorite games.

I’m certain your listeners will thoroughly enjoy Rob. He’s funny, quick and an experienced interview subject.

I’ll be in touch again soon to discuss a possible interview. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

Sincerely, Bill Stoller

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