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Article 301.Schedules of work and rest in shifts

Working time and rest time during the calculation period are regulated by the shift work schedule, which is approved by an employer taking into consideration opinion of an elected trade union of the organization. Employees are informed about a work schedule not later than two months before its implementation.

The abovementioned schedule is to foresee time of transportation to and from the work place. Days of transportation to and from the place of work are not included in the working time and may be included in days of breaks between shifts.

Overtime work hours may be accumulated during a calendar year and granted to the employee as additional free days.

Free days related to overtime work during the calculation period are paid in accordance with standard salary rates unless the individual or collective labor contracts stipulate other procedure.

Article 302. Guarantees and compensation payments to shift workers

Instead of daily allowance shift workers are paid additionally for working in shifts for each day in shift as well as each day of trip from the office of employer (people collection point) to the place of work and back in amounts under the procedure set by the Government of Russian Federation.

Employees going for working in shifts to the far north and equivalent regions from other areas:

have a regional additional salary rates and rated increase to their wages paid in the amounts and procedure foreseen for the people permanently working in the far north and equivalent regions;

are granted annual additional paid leave of absence in the procedure and under conditions foreseen for the people permanently working in the abovementioned areas:

in the far north regions - 24 calendar days;

in the areas equivalent to the far north regions - 16 calendar days;

The work record giving the right to receive privileges and compensation payments includes calendar days of work in the far north and equivalent regions and actual time of trip provided by shift schedules.

For the employees going in shift to the regions on which territory regional rates to wages are applied these rates are calculated in accordance with laws and other statutory acts of the Russian Federation.

The shift worker is paid daily wage rate for days of trips from the employer's office (people collection point) to the place of shift as well as for delays due to weather conditions or transportation organizations faults.


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