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Article 270. Production rates for employees under 18 years old

Production rates for the employees under 18 years old are set on a base of the general production rates in proportion to the short work day set to them.

Reduced production rates for the employees under 18 years old who was employed after graduating from general and primary professional education institutions as well as trained at their work place may be set in the conditions and procedure prescribed by laws and other statutory acts.

Article 271. Payments to employees under 18 years old for half-day work

In the event of time-wage the employees under 18 years old are paid taking into account short workday. The employer may effect additional payments to them up to appropriate job payment rates for full workday at his own expense.

The employees under 18 years old engaged in piece-work are paid according to the fixed piece-work payment rates. The employer has the right to effect additional payments at his own expense in the amount up to the basic wage rates for the under-worked time.

The employees under 18 years old studying in general education, primary, secondary, and higher professional education institutions and working at their free time are paid in proportion to the time worked or depending on their production. The employer has the right to effect additional payments to their salary at his own expense.

Article 272. Special procedures for employment of persons under 18 years old

Special procedures for employment of people under 18 years old are specified in the present Code, other federal laws, collective contracts, agreements.


Article 273. General articles

A head of organization is a person who is in charge of this organization including individual executive functions in accordance with the law and by-laws of the organization.

Provisions of the present Article are applied to all organization heads notwithstanding their type and type of their property excluding the following positions:

organization leader is an individual participant (a founder), member of organization, property owner;

the organization is managed under a contract with another organization (managing organization) or an individual businessman (manager).

Article 274. Legal regulation of organization head activity

Rights and liabilities of an organization head at labor relations are determined in the present Code, laws and other statutory acts, the organization by-laws, labor contracts.


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