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Дайте русские эквиваленты речевых отрезков c причастием II.

Indirectly heated cathode; specifically targeted files; the data used is consistent; images drawn dates back to; is a collection of stored operational data; data used by all the application systems, files are replaced by organized collection; as seen , these engines; when heated, the polymer.


7. Найдите сходства и различия в подчеркнутых структурах и дайте русские эквиваленты предложений.

1. The performed work showed good results.

2. Heated glass is plastic.

3. The received message said that the experiment had been completed.

4. They saw the broken tubes in the laboratory.

5. They saw overturned tables and chairs and pieces of broken glass all over the room.

6. An eavesdropper trying to intercept the key would be found out.

7. Most QKD systems are currently restricted to tightly controlled lab conditions.

8. The discovery mentioned remained unknown to the world for a long time.

9. The results received changed with material used.

10. When carried, the television channels transmitted better pictures.


Герундий. Сравнение функций причастия I игерундия


Indefinite Active Passive Выражает действие, одновременное с действием глагола-сказуемого.
xing being xed
Participle having xed having been xed Выражает действие, предшествующее действию глагола-сказуемого.


Примечаение: xed/3 форма неправильных глаголов


Сравнение функций причастия I и герундия.


Participle I Gerund
1. 2. 3. 4.
1) is/are xing делает/делают has been xing/have been xing 1) Часть простого сказуемого. 1) 1) не употребляется
2) 2) не употребляется 2) is/are xing …есть делание 2) именная часть составного сказуемого
3) 3) не употребляется 3) begins1 xing (начинает) делать 3) часть составного глагольного сказуемого
4) The xing x делающий (какой) the x xing делающий 4) Определение. 4) а) of (about, for, in, at, xing) делания б) the xing x (для чего?) делания 4)Определение. а) после существительного   б) перед существительным
5) (When) xing … (While) xing… …xing… 5) Обстоятельство. 5) For xing… …for xing. делания, придаточное предложение 5) Обстоятельство (всегда с предлогом)
6) 6) не употребляется 6) xing is Делание, делать 6) Подлежащее
7) 7) не употребляется 7) а)xing делать б) of xing о делании 7) Дополнение а) без предлога   б) с предлогом

1После глаголов, выражающих начало, продолжительность или конец действия: начало, продолжительность или конец действия: ,continue, cease, start, etc.

Герундий может иметь перед собой

– предлог, e.g.: with

– притяжательное местоимение my (our, your, his, her, its, their) xing

– существительное в притяжательном падеже Tom’s xing


1. Выделите герундий в активной/пассивной форме.

1ing, being 2ing, having 3ing, have 4ed, has been 5ing, having been 6ed, of 7ing, to have been 8ing, 9ing, having been 10ed, to 11, to 12ing, 13ed, have 14ing, having been 15ed.


2. Дайте русский эквивалент речевых отрезков, учитывая форму герундия в действительном/страдательном залоге:

1. to avoid making mistakes.

2. to deny not having done the work.

3. excuse my coming here so late

4. to forgive his interfering..

5. to go on making a presentation.

6. to keep insisting on her continuing the project.

7. to stop conducting the research.

8. not to mind consulting an expert.

9. could not help trying again.

10. can not put off doing these calculations.


3. Найдите сходства и различия в подчеркнутых структурах. Дайте русские эквиваленты предложений:

a. He does not like being told what to do.

Telling the truth helps everybody.

b. He likes being asked for his expert advice.

The initial difficulties of asking for the necessary information were overcome.

c. He was charged with having committed plagiarism.

Committing a bill always leads to difficulties.

d. He was afraid of being informed about system failure.

Informing the team on time leads to a more effective work.

e. Not knowing what to do, they stopped the process.

I know every research in the field that is worth being known.

f. There is no hope of his finishing the project on time.

I called him to say about my having completed the project.



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