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Выделите герундий, определите его функцию и дайте русские эквиваленты предложений.

1. Using this technique gives you more flexibility.

2. Typing text messages on a mobile phone via the tiny soft keyboard is very cumbersome.

3. A user can navigate through various on-screen menus by simply focusing attention on the commands.

4. Two were removed from the case, and the ITC said last August that Apple was innocent of infringing three others.

5. If Apple had been found guilty of violating the patent, its devices could have been banned from being imported into the United States.

6. Researchers also expect the system to contribute to reducing up to 30 percent of CO2 emissions from sports facilities.

7. Zach helped develop “A Slower Speed of Light”, a videogame which explains the theory of relativity by enabling gamers to experience it.

8. The game does a good job of letting us see what it might look like.”

9. Many countries have not only started using computer games in the classroom, but are also encouraging students to build their own games, even at a very young age.

10. New ways of interacting with computers have proliferated in recent years with technology like touch screens, motion-sensing and eye-tracking.

11. I am using Windows 8 and various applications which I can launch by looking at them.


Прочитайте предложения и определите, являются выделенные слова герундием или причастием I.

1. Freezingan Android phone can help reveal its confidential contents.

2. The advance could speed the development of smarter artificial skin capable of "feeling" activity on the surface.

3. The researchers discovered that quickly connecting and disconnecting the battery of a frozen phone forced the handset into a vulnerable mode.

4. After all, the concept - creating flexible electronics and assembling them on equally flexible plastic - has been touted since the 1960s.

5. Using bundles of vertical zinc oxide nanowires, the researchers built arrays consisting of about 8,000 transistors.

6. Mimickingthe sense of touch electronically has been challenging, and can be achieved by measuring changes in resistance prompted by mechanical touch.

7. They include findingmore efficient ways to sort through nanotubes which are made in a wide variety of sizes and types.

8. This gives a way to gain performance while shrinkingthe device.

9. In the early 1980s viruses depended on humans to do the hard work of spreading the virus to other computers.

10. Some harmful programs can create a backdoor, allowing a remote user to access the victim's computer system.

11. At that point, the system reverts to essentially guessing the location.


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