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Some facts about London

Study the words and expressions

to hold – держать

to be buried – быть похороненным

Westminster Abbey – Вестминстерское Аббатство

architect – архитектор

to design – создавать, конструировать

St. Paul’s Cathedral – собор святого Павла

to represent – представлять

to compose – сочинять

firework - фейерверк

like - как и

memorial - памятник

Trafalgar Square – Трафальгарская площадь

to consist of - состоять из

column – колонна

equally – равно, одинаково

under command – под командованием

to lead (led) – вести

the Duke of Wellington – герцог Веллингтон

Hyde Park – Гайд парк


A Read the text quickly and answer the questions. Take no notice of the gaps.

1 Can you think of another title of the text?

2 Can you name the famous Englishmen mentioned in the text?



London is the home of many famous Englishmen. Some were born there. Some lived there all their lives. (1 -)

One of the first names of importance was that of Geoffrey Chaucer, the poet. He lived most of his life in London. Chaucer held official posts in London and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

William Shakespeare also lived in London. He had lived there for more than twenty years. (2 -) Sir Christopher Wren, the architect, spent most of his time in London. He designed many beautiful churches, including St. Paul’s Cathedral.

(3 -)

(4 -) This is George Frederic Hendel. He came to London from Hanover in 1710. Among other things he composed “The Music for the Royal Fireworks” which was written in 1749. Like Chaucer and many other great artists, Hendel was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Another famous London figure was one of England’s greatest seamen, Admiral Nelson. He has a very special memorial in Trafalgar Square. (5 -) On top of it stands a figure of Nelson. It is called the Nelson Column. Equally famous is the general under whose command the army at the battle of Waterloo in 1815 was led. This was the Duke of Wellington. His house stands at Hyde Park corner. It is sometimes known as Number One, London. Like Admiral Nelson, the Duke of Wellington was buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral.


B Read the missing sentences a – f below and then read the text again.

Choose the sentence which best fits each gap 1 – 5. There is an extra

sentence that you do not need.


a Some palaces and fine homes were also designed by him.

b Music is represented by a very interesting figure.

c Others lived in London only for a short time but all gave

something to this great city.

d The monument consists of a very tall column.

e He acted at the Globe Theatre and most of his plays were written

in London.

f It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.


C Find in the text similar meaning. The words are listed according to the

paragraphs in which they appear.


1 well-known names 2 working position 3 famous churches

of London

4 the memorial in Trafalgar Square 5 the battle which Britains

are proud of


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