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Study the words and expressions


ancient – древний

picturesque – живописный

change – изменение

shop windows – витрины

city dwellers – горожане

quiet – тихий

to bathe and laze in the sun – купаться и загорать

holiday-makers – отдыхающие

to take pictures – фотографировать

sights – достопримечательности

to remind - напоминать

means of travel – способы путешествия

advantage – преимущество

disadvantage – недостаток

to choose – выбирать

destination – цель (путешествия)


A Read this text about travelling and put these sentences in the correct order.


1 People travel to see and learn a lot of things.

2 Holiday-makers spend their time in different ways.

3 All means of travel are popular.

4 To see something new is interesting.

5 Taking pictures is what most travellers do.



Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. They travel to see other countries and continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns, they travel to enjoy picturesque places, or just for a change of scene. It is always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food, to listen to different musical rhythms.

Those who live in the country like to go to a big city and spend their time visiting museums and art galleries, looking at shop windows and dining at exotic restaurants. City-dwellers usually like a quiet holiday by the sea or in the mountains, with nothing to do but walk and bathe and laze in the sun.

Most travellers and holiday-makers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them – the sights of a city, old churches and castles, views of mountains, lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests; different kinds of trees, flowers and plants, animals and birds.

Later, perhaps years later, they will be reminded by the photos of the happy time they have had.

People travel by train, by plane, by boat and by car.

All means of travel have their advantages and disadvantages. And people choose one according to their plans and destinations.

If we are fond of travelling, we see and learn a lot of things that we can never see or learn at home, though we may read about them in books and newspapers, and see pictures of them on TV. The best way to study geography is to travel, and the best way to get to know and understand the people is to meet them in their own homes.


B Read the text again and choose the best answers from a, b, c or d for

questions 1- 4.


1 People like travelling

a because they want to know foreign languages.

b because it is very exciting to come home after a holiday.

c because they want a change of scene.

d because it is interesting to discover new things.


2 City-dwellers prefer

a doing nothing but lazing in the sun.

b spending their holidays in the mountains.

c a quiet holiday by the sea.

d walking and bathing.


3 Most travellers

a spend their time visiting museums.

b do a lot of shopping.

c go to dine at exotic restaurants.

d take pictures of everything they like.


4 If you want to know and understand people, you should

a read a lot.

b talk to people.

c meet them in their own homes.

d like them.


C When you have finished answer the question.


Where would you like to go travelling and how would you like to spend

your time?



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