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Article 210. Major Trends of State Policy in the Sphere of Labor Safety

The major trends of the state policy in the sphere of labor safety are:

ensuring the priority of employees' life and health preservation;

enactment and implementation of federal labor safety laws and related normative legal acts of Russian Federation, labor safety laws and related normative legal acts of subjects of Russian Federation, and also purposive federal, trade, and territorial programs of improving labor conditions and safety;

state administration of labor safety;

state supervision and control over abidance of labor safety requirements;

assistance to bodies of public control over observance of employees' rights and legitimate interests in the sphere of labor safety;

investigation and registration of industrial accidents and professional diseases;

defending legitimate interests of employees and their family members, if the former have suffered through industrial accidents and professional diseases, on the basis of employees' compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and professional diseases;

setting compensation rates for hard work and work under harmful and/or dangerous conditions unremovable on the contemporary technical level of industry and labor organization;

coordinating various activities in the spheres of labor safety, environmental protection, and other kinds of economic and social activities;

dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign experience in improving labor conditions and safety;

participation of state in financing measures in the sphere of labor safety;

training and professional development of experts in labor safety;

arrangement of state statistical reports of labor conditions and occupational injuries, professional diseases and their financial implications;

ensuring the functioning of a unified informational system of labor safety;

international cooperation in the sphere of labor safety;

pursuing an effective taxing policy that will stimulate creating safe labor conditions, development and implementation of safe technologies, producing means of employees' individual and collective protection;

stating the order of providing employees with means of individual and collective protection, ablution, and treatment-and-prophylactic means at the employer's expense.

Implementation of the state policy major trends in the sphere of labor safety is ensured by coordinate actions of state bodies of Russian Federation, state bodies of subjects of Russian Federation, local government bodies, employers, employers' unions, trade unions, trade unions coalitions, and other representative bodies authorized by employers to deal with labor safety issues.


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