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Make up your own sentences with these phrases.

Translate the following extract in a proper manner.

“In the summer father and son… - … nothing could be superior to “good instincts”…”

Explain and develop the following ideas from the text.

1) “Eighteen might look at thirty-four through a rising mist of adolescence but twenty-two would see thirty-eight with discerning clarity”.

2) “He had been swallowed up like a gigolo, and somehow permitted his arsenal to be locked up in the Warren safety-deposit vaults”.

3) “It was a society of veterans going to lay wreaths on the tombs of the dead. The column marched slowly with a sort of swagger for a lost magnificence, a past effort, a forgotten sorrow.”

4) “ Being along in body and spirit begets loneliness, and loneliness begets more loneliness.”

Retell the events as if you were one of the participants of the action.

Make up a short summary of the chapters.

Unit 12 (Chapters 21-23)

Find the following words and word-combinations in the text, perform the situations where they occur.

Complete the list with your own phrases.

-to play truant

-a preliminary

-the preposterousness of a remark

-to diminish one’s passion

- a wild submergence of soul

-to count smb out

Read the following statements and be ready to perform your opinion about the matters of the quotations

“The English are the best-balanced race in the world”.

“If she had ever suspected the rotted old truth, the real reason for Nicole’s illness, she had certainly determined to deny it to herself, showing back in

dusty closet like one of paintings she bought by mistake”.

“She had achieved the elusiveness that gives hidden significance to the least significant remarks”.

Translate any extract you like from these chapters.

Make up a short summary of the chapters in written.

Make up the sketch of Dick Diver and Baby Waren.

Tender is the night

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book 3

Unit 13 (chapters 1-4)

Find the following words and word-combinations in the text, perform the situations where they occur.

-to hold the question in one’s mind

-to fail in courtesy towards sb

-to cherish sth as the instrument of power

-to be weakening gracefully

-the verge of the truth

-a leave of abstinence

-to detect on the breath

Translate he following extract in a proper manner.

“These interviews… -…into the matter”.

4.Make the adaptation of the 4th chapter.


Unit 14 (chapters 5-8)

Find the following words and word-combinations in the text, perform the situations where they occur.

-to capitulate

-to unroll a long scroll of contempt

-a vague spiritual romance

-to be a crook

-to be under a sway of smb

-to be tangled with love

-to be attuned to sb

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