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Explain and develop the following ideas from the text. 1) “When people have so much for outsiders didn’t I indicate a lack of inner intensity?”.

1) “When people have so much for outsiders didn’t I indicate a lack of inner intensity? ”.

2) “Tell a secret over the radio, publish it in a tabloid, but never tell it to a man who drinks more than three or four a day”.

3) “Often a man can play the helpless child in front of a woman, but he can almost never bring it off when he feels most like a helpless child”.

4) “I am a woman and my business is to hold things together”.

5) “Trouble is when you’re sober you don’t want to see anybody, and when you’re tight nobody wants to see you

6) “It was often easier to give a show than to watch one”.

Retell the events as if you were one of the participants of the action. Pay attention to the description of the party and give all necessary details.

Make up a short summary of the chapters.

Unit 6 (chapters 21-25)

Find the following word-combinations in the text, remember the situations where they occur and give synonyms to them.

-to be involved in human contact

-a formidable manner

-to flag

-to confront sb’s courteously

-a garbled telephone call

-overtone of earth-bound determination

-to prolong the state of irresponsibility

-a more robust sense of humor

-to turn swift

-to have the preposterous idea

-to be on a private line

Translate the following extract in a proper manner.

“ Nicole shook her head right and left…-…Certainly it was more of a unit than any conceivable tourist party.”

Express your attitude to the following ideas.

“We are seldom sorry for those who need and crave our pity – we reserve this for those who, by other means, make us exercise – the abstract function of pity.”

“When a child can disturb a middle-aged gent thing get difficult.”

“She knew little of leisure but she had the respect for it of those who have never had it.”

“Smart men play close to the line because they have to – some of them can’t stand it, so they quit.”

Find some peculiar characteristics of the heroes and present them.

Retell the most important events of these chapters as if you were one of the participant of the action.

Write down a summary of the chapters.


Make up sketches of the personages (characteristics of speech, appearance and philosophy of life).

Think of the stylistic value of the first book (find, present and explain stylistic devices and expressive means used by the author).

Outline the most vital problems revealed in the first book(point the item, find the setting in the book and make your own analyses).


Tender is the night

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Book 2

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