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By F.S. Fitzgerald

Book 1

Unit 1 (chapters 1 – 4)

Find the following word combinations in the text. Remember the situations where they occur and give synonyms to them

-to yield up pigments

-an Oxford drawl

-a disheartening intensity

-a circuitous and unobtrusive route

-the glow of egotism

-to be premature

-the cupid’s bow of a magazine cover

Translate the following extract in a proper manner.

“ Her mother was her best friend… - …it would please rather than pain her…”.

Explain and develop the following ideas from the text.

1)“The Driver’s day was spaced like the day of the older civilizations to yield the utmost from the material at hand, and to give all the transitions their full value”.

2) “It was the same feeling that had oppressed her at the hotel – accustomed to seeing the starkest grotesqueries of a continent heavily underlined as comedy or tragedy, unstrained to the task of separating the essential for herself, she now began to feel that Frech life was empty and stale”.

3) “ Obviously he (Mr McKisco) had created his wife’s world and allowed he few liberties in it”.

Retell the events as if you were one of the participants of the action.

Make up a short summary of the chapters.

Unit 2 (chapters 5 – 8)

Find the following word combinations in the text. Remember the situations where they occur and give synonyms to them.

-to contemplate a surrender

-to be loud about sb

-to be static and evocative

-to swim into sb’s field of vision

-incongruous mingling

-to eliminate any sordidness

-to fall out of sth own weight

-to look after with reprobation

-a person cropfull of news

-to put sb’s own brakes on

Make up your own sentences with these phrases.

Translate the following extract in a proper manner.

“ Rosemary, a dewy with belief as a child from one of Mrs Burnett’s vicious tracts…- … and become part of them”.

Make an adaptation of the following extract.

“…of all the narrow-minded excuses…-…he presently found himself”.

4. Who is characterized by the following statements?

1) “She was rather silent, contributing just her share of urbane humor with a precision that approached meagerness”.

2) “Save among a few of the tough-minded and perennially suspicious, he had the power of arousing a fascinated and uncritical love”.

3) “ In comparison (the character) seemed faintly gross, faintly ill-bred; once more though, Rosemary felt an electric response to his person”.

4) “I’m half French, I was educated in England and since I was eighteen I’ve worn uniforms of eight countries”.

5) “…to be the unassimilated member of the party”

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