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Unusual Types of Hotels around the World


Though hotels are all similar in that they all have beds and other accommodations to make staying there much more homelike, there are some very unusual hotels in various parts of the world that challenge the concept of the traditional hotel.

There are treetop hotels in Costa Rica, Kenya and other parts of the world where the hotels are built with very large living trees making up a substantial part of the hotel structure. The Ariau Towers in Brazil, near the city of Manaus is in the middle of the Amazon on the Rio Negro and is a similar type of living tree hotel. Bill Gates invested in the hotel and had modern telephone / internet connections installed. The hotel has 288 units with apartments, suites (located in the towers) and tree houses among them. One of the houses that deserves to be mentioned is the Tarzan House. It allows the visitor to have an amazing view of the area. The house is built on top of a living tree, at the height of 72ft from the ground.

Straight out of Neromancer, but only for the Japanese as of yet, capsule hotels are an economy type of hotel with extremely high occupancy density capabilities. Most capsule hotel compartments are only about 2 meters by 1.25 meters by 1 meter. This amount of space certainly gives one enough room to read or sleep, but not much else. Of course if you’ve got wireless internet the possibilities are considerably expanded.

Capsule hotels are not necessarily frequented primarily by lower income people, but are used by many types of people for many different reasons. For about $25-34 USD per night, a tired working person who stayed out too late drinking and missed the last train can get a night’s rest. There are often discount rates for those wishing to nap for only a couple of hours during the day.

There are several cave hotels throughout the world in such places as Australia, Spain, Turkey, the United States and several other countries. Rooms in cave hotels typically have the entire walls or even two or three walls made out of the mountain or other hard sediment formation that the hotel is built into.

There is one underwater hotel in the entire world that can be reached without the aid of scuba gear. The Utter Inn located in Lake Malaren, Sweden features one large room and visitors can simply walk down into the hotel while viewing underwater. This same company also has an undersea lodge in Key Largo Florida that does require scuba diving to reach.


VI. Дополните предложения

1. Capsule hotels are used by many types of people…

2. There are some very unusual hotels that challenge…

3. The Tarzan House allows the visitor...

4. There are often discount rates for...

5. Most capsule hotel compartments are...

6. The Ariau Towers has apartments, suites and...

7. Cave hotels are located in...

8. There is one underwater hotel in the world...

9. Hotels are all similar in...

10. If you’ve got wireless internet...


VII. Соедините названия отелей и информацию о них

1. The Ariau Towers 2. The Tarzan House 3. The Utter Inn a. is located in Lake Malaren, Sweden b. has 288 units c. allows you to walk down into the hotel while viewing underwater d. is in the middle of the Amazon e. was financed by Bill Gates f. does not require scuba diving to reach g. had modern telephone / internet connections installed h. is built on top of a living tree, at the height of 72ft from the ground


VIII. Напишите краткую аннотацию текста, используя следующие выражения

§ The title of the text is …

§ The main idea of the text is …

§ The text can be divided into … parts.

§ In the … part the author shows/points out that/how…

§ In the … part the author emphasises/stresses the idea of …

§ The … part concentrates on/analyses/describes…

§ Summing up/In conclusion/Drawing the conclusion, the author says that…

§ In my opinion…

§ I think, this text is very interesting/boring/important/unimportant because…

§ I agree/disagree with the author's view of the problem, because …



1. Выберите правильный вариант


1. There... in the letter.

a) was sad new b) was sad news c) were sad news d) were sad newses

2. Can I buy any posters at...?

a) the booksellers b) the bookseller's c) the booksellers' d) the bookseller

3. What's... treatment for a cough of all?

a) most effective b) the most effective c) more effective d) the more effective

4. The company provides... assistance on request.

a) farther b) the farthest c) further d) the furthest

5. The sausages smell..., don't they?

a) so well b) such good c) so good d) such well

6. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and.... murdered.

a) the fourth b) a fourth c) forth d) the four

7. Ron knows... that one is supposed to know about computers.

a) every thing b) anything c) somebody d) none

8. A good speaker can say much in... words.

a) fewest b) least c) a few d) a little

9. Tornadoes almost never occur west of … Rocky Mountains.

a) 0; b) the; c) a; d) an

10. I lay in my cabin listening to the gentle sound of waves.

l)in b) to c) of d) up

11. I must stay …, because I'm expecting a parcel.

a) in b)for c) down d) to

12. When the train was passing through the French countryside it … stopped because of the engine problems.

a) most suddenly b) more sudden c) sudden d) suddenly

13. I don't want to see this film. I have seen it at … Astoria Cinema recently.

a) 0; b) the; c) a; d) an

14.... has been wearing my scarf? It looks a bit dirty.

a) who b) what c) where d) why

15. The building had been evacuated ten minutes before the explosion took place.

a) before b) since c) later d) on



2. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I'll try my (good, better, best, the best) to answer your questions.

2. You are (strict, strictly, stricter, more strictly) forbidden from taking photographs (inside, to, out, from) the museum.

3. (To, On, In, For) your own safety, we ask that you refrain (for, to, from, at) putting your arms out of (the, -, a, an) window.

4. There are only (few, a few, little, a little) vacancies left.

5. The children had some trouble today: little Ben cut (him, his, oneself, himself), Jenny burnt (his, her, herself, sheself) finger, Mike and Jack hurt (theirself, themselves, theirselves, themself)

6. Your flight is expected to take (on, out, at, off) (on, at, in, for) time. – And what about (our, ours, ours flight)?

7. Please pay attention (to, on, at, for) the time.

8. (The, -, A, An) flight 87B to Toronto has been cancelled.

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