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The experience of a lifetime

Are you looking for a holiday that has that perfect mix of adventure and luxury? If so then an African safari resort is the one you have been searching for.

There are so many different choices you can stay at a resort, which offers fantastic safari trips giving you the opportunity to see lots of different regions and villages whilst taking in the sights of some of the most magnificent animals in the world. Then on your return enjoy the facilities of the resort such as: saunas, Jacuzzis, everything you need to wind down and really pamper yourself will be available to you.

Most people think of going on safari when visiting Africa but there is so much more to this beautifully wild and exciting country. There are some fantastic beach resorts as well that boast miles and miles of stunning white sandy beaches, sheer heaven for all you sun worshippers. Africa truly has it all so whatever you are hoping to get from your holiday you will not be disappointed if you stay in one of the African resorts.

In the southern parts of Africa you will find some amazing safari resorts with luxury abounding and no shortage of adventure. In the Kruger National Park, here it is believed you will come across some of the largest animals to be found in Africa such as the elephant, rhino, buffalo, and lion to name just a few. There are two outstanding lodges in this area known as “Boulders Lodge” and “Ebony Lodge” the amenities and luxurious quality of these lodges is second to none. With private plunge pools, baths, game viewing decks, each lodge has nine suites and every one of them are rated first class, and the staff are of the same high standard and will provide you with all you could possibly want from fine foods to vintage wine.

The difference between an African safari resort and a mobile safari of course is the luxury and convenience of everything and knowing you can be part of this wonderful experience without the stress or worry of for example “tent camping”. No matter whether you have a physical disability or perhaps think you are too old to do something like this then by going to an African safari resort you can be sure they will cater for everything. The whole family can enjoy this holiday with you as there will be no worries regarding safety or comfort, the vehicles at these lodges are fully air conditioned so while on your safari you will be completely comfortable and be able to totally enjoy the fantastic sights you will see. Many of these resorts will have a swimming pool if you and the kids fancy a dip or perhaps a round of golf is more your cup of tea, whatever your pleasure an African safari resort will deliver so go for the experience of a lifetime you won't regret it!

1. Answer the questions:

a. What choices does an African safari resort offer?

b. What resorts can you see in the southern parts of Africa?

c. What is special about the Kruger National Park?

d. What is the difference between an African safari resort and a mobile safari?

e. What makes African safari a family resort?


2. Give the English equivalents from the text:

Роскошь, пользоваться оборудованием, некрупный глубоководный бассейн, фантастические виды, высокий стандарт, пляжный курорт, непревзойдённое сочетание, национальный парк, двухкомнатный номер, персонал, безопасность, палатка, особые потребности.


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