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Pets on board

TAP Portugal allows transporting animals in the cabin or the hold, according to the weight, size and species of animal. Each country’s laws governing the import and export of animals must be respected, and therefore the relevant embassies or consulates must always be contacted. Passengers are responsible for submitting all the animal’s documents, such as health certificates, passports, among others. A signed declaration for expediting live animals must be submitted, which will be supplied when the animal’s transport is paid for. Food and water for the entire trip must be provided.

The booking must be made well in advance. If you would like to transport your pet, you must inform us at the time of booking, or at least 24 hours before departure. If the journey involves more than one airline, they must all authorise transporting the animal.

You will be required to provide information on the size of the box in which the animal is to be carried, total weight (box plus animal), and the species and number of animals to be carried. Animal transport boxes have to comply with TAP's definitions. Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. The maximum weight of the animal transport box plus animal is 7 (seven) kg. The transport box may not exceed 48cm in length, 32cm in width and 25cm in height. Each passenger may only bring one animal transport box. However, the transport box may contain more than one animal of the same kind. The appropriate box (rigid or malleable) for transporting animals may be used as long as it does not exceed the dimensions defined above and is water-tight (capable of retaining the animal’s fluids).

Requests for transporting animals in the cabin will be approved subject to the availability of space, the type of plane allocated and the passenger’s cabin class. The animals must be clean, healthy, and free of odours and must not constitute a threat or disturb other passengers. Females may not be pregnant.

If the animal fulfils the cabin transport conditions and the application is approved, the animal transport box must be placed under the seat of the passenger responsible, so that it does not obstruct free movement in the cabin. A passenger seat may not be used and the animal may never move inside the cabin.

Animals may be carried in the hold of the plane on which the passenger responsible for them is travelling, under the following conditions:

- Advance notice and confirmation of the animal in the hold;

- Transport in the appropriate rigid box;

- The passenger must provide enough food and water for the whole journey, as it will not be possible to feed or exercise the animal during stopovers or in transit.

The animal's box is delivered when the passenger is accepted on the flight and will be placed in the ventilated area in the hold of the plane.


1. Answer the questions:

a. What are the two ways of transporting animals by air? What do they depend on?

b. What animal’s documents are passengers supposed to submit?

c. What information is provided to the airline carrying the animal?

d. What animals are allowed in the cabin?

e. What are the conditions of carrying animals in the hold?


2. Give the English equivalents from the text:

Заблаговременно, в салоне, в багажном отделении, предоставить информацию, вся поездка, ввоз и вывоз животных, представлять угрозу, остановка на пути следования, причинять неудобства, рейс, превышать габариты, на следующих условиях.



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