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Exercise 22

I. Read the list of Table Don'ts.

1. Elbows are never put on the table while one is eating.

2. Don't lift your plate up to your mouth.

3. Don't push back your plate when finished. It remains exac­tly where it is until whoever is waiting on you removes it.

4. Don't lean back and announce, 'I'm through'. The fact that you have put your fork and knife together on the plate shows that you have finished.

5. Don't wait until all plates are served; after a few guests have been served, it is perfectly all right to start eating.

6. Don't let others see what you have in your mouth.

7. Don't make a noise when eating.

8. Put the food in your mouth with your fork, never with your knife.

II. Look at the pictures and say which Table Don'ts are not observed.

II. Read the list of Table Dos.

1. Put your napkin on your lap. Do not wear it around your neck.

2. Gravy should be put on the meat, and the condiment, pickles and jelly at the side of whatever they accompany.

3. All juicy or soft fruit or cake is best eaten with a fork and when necessary a spoon or a knife also.

4. When passing your plate for a second helping always leave a knife and a fork on the plate and be sure the handles are far enough on not to topple off.

5. You may use your knife or a piece of dry crust as a pusher to guide and hold each mouthful for the fork to lift.

6. Fish bones are taken between finger and thumb and re­moved between compressed lips.

7. Bread should always be broken into moderate-sized pieces with the fingers before being eaten.

IV. Complete the list of Table Dos and say how one should eat: soup, meat, poultry, lobster, bananas, oranges, apples, melons and watermel­ons.

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