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English Russian Kazakh
head [hed] Глава Басшы
head office [hed'ɔfis] головной офис бас офис
branch [bra:ntʃ] Отрасль Сала
colleague ['kɔli:g] Коллега Әріптес
manufacture [mænj ə'fæktʃ ə] производить Өндіру
employer [im'plɔiə] работодатель жұмыс беруші
employee [,implɔi'i:] работник Жұмысшы
customer ['kʌstəmə] потребитель Тұтынушы
workplace ['wз:kpleis] рабочее место жұмыс орны
expand [ [ik’spænd] расширять Кеңейту


LIW №22

1. Write an application letter. You have decided to apply for job advertised below. Write a cover letter or e-mail.

Do you want to work for us? Are you the right person for a job? We are looking for fun, energetic, experienced people of any age to work as camp monitors at our day and residential summer camps in July or August. Children are aged between 7 and 15, and take part in a wide range of sports and activities from swimming and water sports to survival skills and cooking. Do you enjoy working with children? Are you good at working in a team? Do you have any relevant experience or qualifications? Do you speak English either as a first language or fluently? You can earn between 200 and 300 pounds per week (food and accommodation provided)/ Minimum contract: one month. Interested? Send an email, brief CV, and photo to Richard Cunningham at summercamp@bt.com.

2. Find Kazakh or Russian equivalents and express your opinion on the sayings:

a) “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius, Chinese philosopher)

b) “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still” (Chinese proverb).

3. Write an essay. Write at least 80 words.What do you think about opening your own business in our country? Is it easy or not?”

Office hours №8

1. CD “New English File” F.7 B. Learn by heart the new words. Ex. B1, C. [1].

2. Prepare for discussion «Doing business. To be a good/bad manager, what skills do we need? »

3. Give the meaning of the idioms: “asa cold fish”, “as hard as nails”. Have your heard the expression? What does it mean? Is there similar expression in your language?



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