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IV. Verbs commonly used with the gerund


Verbs Examples
to admit Brian admitted taking the money.
to anticipate They anticipate moving to another premises by the end of the year.
to appreciate I don’t appreciate being treated like a second-class citizen.
to avoid They built a wall to avoid soil being washed away.
can’t face I can’t face seeing this awful man again.
can’t help I can’t help thinking he knows more than he told us.
can’t stand Mrs. Perry couldn’t stand being kept waiting.
to consider They are considering buying a new car.
to contemplate I have never contemplated living abroad.
to delay He delayed telling her the news waiting for the right moment.
to deny He denies attempting to rob the bank.
to detest They detest seeing each other.
to dislike I dislike being away from my family.
to dread She dreads her husband finding out.
to enjoy He hardly enjoys dealing with these people.
to envisage I can’t envisage her coping with this job.
to escape He narrowly escaped being killed.
to excuse Excuse my interrupting you.
to fancy Do you fancy going out this evening?
to feel like I don’t feel like going out tonight, let’s stay at home and watch a video.
to forgive Forgive my interrupting but I really don’t agree with you.
to imagine I can’t imagine him saying that!
to involve The test will involve answering 50 question on the topics learnt.
to justify How can they justify asking to pay such huge taxes?
to keep Keep smiling, you look so nice when you smile.
to mention Did she mention attending classes in Oxford?
to mind Do you mind going there instead of me?
to miss She narrowly missed hitting him.
to postpone It was an unpopular decision to postpone building the new hospital.
to practise Practise pronouncing this word correctly.
to prevent Nothing could prevent his (him) speaking against that plan.
to propose How do you propose getting home?
to put off Don’t keep putting off going to the doctor!
to recollect I recollect him (his) saying that it was dangerous.
to resent He bitterly resents being treated like a child.
to resist The bank strongly resisted cutting interest rates.
to risk The conspirators knew they risked being arrested.
to spend The company has spent thousands of pounds updating their computer systems.
to suggest I suggest going in my car.
to tolerate She refused to tolerate being called a liar.
to understand I just can’t understand him taking the money.
to quit If only he could quit smoking!

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