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To hate


gerund infinitive
She hates making mistakes. She’s a person who hates to make mistakes.

To try


gerund infinitive
to do smth as an experiment; the action possible - see if it succeeds to attempt to do one’s best; the action may not be possible - see if you still can do it
  • Try exercising, you may lose weight.
  • Try remembering his telephone number. It would be a good idea!
  • David tried to win the race, but failed.
  • Try to remember his telephone number. Please, do it; it’s important!

to be sorry

gerund + for infinitive
to apologise for an earlier action to apologise for a present/future action
I am sorry for shouting at you this morning. Sorry to interrupt, but can I ask you a question?


to be afraid, to dread, to fear


gerund infinitive
apprehension that smth bad may happen = phobia unwillingness to do smth in a certain situation
· Sue doesn’t want to ride. She is afraid offalling. · Telma won’t go to the cruise. She dreads being seasick. · She fears telling the truth about her background. · He is afraid to take this test in case he fails. · She dreads to think what will happen if her husband finds everything out. · She feared to tell him the truth.

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