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Soviet Moves to Ratify Nuclear Pact

The Soviet Union disclosed today that it had taken another step toward ratification of the East-West treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, which the US Senate ratified on March18.

Tass reported that the treaty had been submitted to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and then passed on to the foreign affairs commissions of the Soviet’s two Houses for final decision.

The treaty was worked out last year after four years of US-Soviet negotiation, but will not go into effect until 43 Governments, including the US, the Soviet Union and Britain, have ratified it.

US ratification of the treaty is not valid until the necessary documents are deposited in Moscow, Washington and London, and the United States has already proposed to the Soviet Union that the two countries formally ratify the treaty simultaneously.


Упражнение № 7

Найдите псевдоинтернационализмы в следующих предложениях. Переведите их.

1. Last year more than 8, 000 workers marched through Liverpool in support of the city’s busmen who were on strike for more pay and in support of council tenants who were fighting against a rent increase.

2. In a bid to counter the protests, Mr Nixon yesterday had a surprise meeting with Mr Hubert Humphrey, his Democrat opponent in last year’s presidential election.

The former vice- president said afterwards that he would support any systematic reduction of US forces in Vietnam, adding: “I hope debate on Vietnam will not be partizan”.

3. A young woman in the audience told us about three boys arrested and charged with car theft.

4. African nations boycott Commonwealth Games.

5. Prince Sihanouk in his appeal condemned “a handful of reactionary bourgeois lords” for slandering him and blaming him for betraying his nation.

6. “It is like taking a nutcracker to crack a cannonball – and if Mrs Castle thinks by the proposals she outlined to us she will put industrial relations on their feet in the coming decade, she has got another think coming”, said Mr Davies. “It is like imagining you can get rid of a problem by blowing at it”.

7. There was speculation that the President might attend the funeral, but the Secret Service was reported worried over his safety if he went.

8. Kennedy Bid for Senate Post

Senator Edward Kennedy canvassed fellow Senators in Washington yesterday in an effort to round up support for his surprise bid for a Senate leadership post – assistant majority leader.

His announcement touched off speculation that he was making his first overt move toward eventually seeking the Presidential nomination.

9. There had been speculation on the possibility of some contact with Col. Ojukwu either by Mr Wilson or junior Minister Maurice Foley, who is the British party.

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