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Mass Media


Mass media is a comprehensive term embracing TV, RADIO, CINEMA, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, TELEPHONE, and INTERNET. They are one of the most characteristic features of modern civilization which unite people into one global community. They are the best instruments of communication, the source of information for everybody.

Radio and TV perform information briefly, but quickly. Newspapers include full reports on different topics. News agencies provide them with the latest information. Mass media influence all the spheres of contemporary life: industry, science, culture, economy.

Thanks to mass media we can learn about what is happening in our republic and all over the world.

Frankly speaking I’m deeply interested in economic development of our republic. Thanks to TV, radio, newspapers and magazines I get a great amount of information. It enriches my intellect. I’m aware of all the country’s national events, the problems of economic development. Thanks to mass media I know that in the recent past the economic situation in our republic has changed considerably. The calls for radical economic reforms have become more and more intense. Our Parliament and the Government are taking great efforts to improve the situation. I hope that these troubles are temporary and they will end soon.

TV and radio news often deal with economic, political and social problems of Belarus. That’s why they are so popular with TV viewers.

Magazines do not focus on daily, rapidly changing events. They provide more profound analysis of events of the preceding week.

But very often our information media are not objective. There are a lot of facts which are shown in a wrong way. While reading a magazine, some facts make me doubt. Besides, I don’t like advertisement- they often irritate me.

It’s common knowledge that our Government pays much attention to science and new technologies. The Academy of Sciences founded in 1929 is one of the largest centers of science in the country. Its research institutions work on various important problems in such fields as mathematics, optics, genetics, biology, etc.

As mass media report, not long ago with the help of new intensive research technologies large oil, coal, peat and salt deposits are found in Belarus.

Mass media inform us of a wide range of problems and give us an opportunity to educate. They create moral and political climate in our society.


1. What kinds of Mass Media do you know?

2. What can you learn about thanks to mass media?

3. Do you like advertisement?

4. Where do you usually get information from?

5. Do you read newspapers?


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