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College. My Working Day

I’m lucky to be a student of the Higher State College of Communication. It is situated in Minsk in P. Brovka Street. Our college is one of the oldest educational establishments of our republic, built in 1930.

Our college is known for its high standard of teaching, creative and stimulation atmosphere. All the teachers are well-trained, they are real professionals. They work closely with the students organizing group and individual tutorials. The full term of study in our college is seven years.

The students have to attend classes regularly and be very active. They often take tests, conduct experiments, prepare reports and take part in conferences.

We study many different subjects in the college. Some of them are very difficult, but so very interesting at the same time. To succeed we must be good at mathematics, physics, foreign languages. We have lectures and practical classes every day.

Social life in our college is rich in different events. All year round we have a varied program of evening activities including parties, discos, theatre visits and outings to different places of interest. We take part in various sport competitions, theatricals and concerts.

Our college has various facilities for studies. There are many labs in our college, well-equipped with TV sets, video-cassette recorders, tape-recorders and other necessary apparatus. We also have some computer class-rooms, a large conference hall, a gym, a great number of class-rooms.

The museum of the history of our college is our pride. It attracts visitors from all over the city. Our students themselves take care of the museum, they work there as guides.

In1993 one more building was built for our college. Now after four years of the specialized secondary education the most capable students have an opportunity to get higher education.

We have three hostels for those students, who have come from all over the republic. They are clean, cosy and comfortable. Our college doctor Tamara Vasiljevna takes care of our health.

There are rich libraries and reading-rooms in both buildings where we can borrow all the necessary books for our studies. The students can prepare for seminars and practical classes there.

A good education helps the graduates of our college to find a place in society, to guarantee high wages.



1. When does your working day begin?

2. Do you do your morning exercises every day?

3. How many lessons a day do you have?

4. How long does it take you to prepare your homework?

5. What do you usually do in the evenings?

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