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Appendix III Conference. Submission Form



Nelson, New Zealand, 2014




1. The extended abstract should be sent electronically to info@amn-7.com

Name of the file:


Please, give a name to the file which is similar to the title of the paper. Files in doc or rtf format are strongly recommended.


2. The title of the report in English is:


The title should not exceed 14 words.

3. Author details:

  Title (Mr/Mrs, Dr, Prof) First Name Family Name e-mail Contact phone number and address Institution, Departmen, Position

4. Keywords:


Please, list maximum 7 keywords, separated with comas (in English).

5. Contribution addresses the following two topics:

First Topic Second Topic

Please, indicate two topics from the topics given bellow:

General Topics Researches and Studies in
Material Science Molecular Materials
Nanotechnology Nanoscale Structures
Supramolecular Chemistry Organic Electronics

In addition, the programme will feature sessions focused on the following topics: Graphenes, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Spintronics.

Appendix IV ‘For and Against’ Essay

A Pros-and-Cons list can help you make more balanced judgment by weighing all the positives and negatives. Develop a list of positives and negatives.

Pros Cons
1. 1.
2. 2.

The common-accepted structure includes:

● Introduction

● Advantages/Benefits/Conveniences of the phenomenon (method/material) concerned

● Disadvantages/Downside/Shortcomings of the phenomenon (method/material) concerned

● Comparison or Evaluation (although sometimes this is omitted)

● Conclusion


Introduction It was reported that ... However, this new modification turned out to have some by-effects alongside with indisputable benefits.
Body paragraph Pros The first and the most important advantage is that… On the plus side … Another convenience we’d like to mention about is …. It also offers the advantage in… On the one hand….., but on the other….   For one thing…., for another one…..   Though the latest modification ranks in priority to the previous one, it still has some weak points.
Body paragraph Cons But there is also a shortcoming/drawback of using it in…. On the other hand… Another weakness of the method proposed is…
Evaluation Having analyzed all the points of view…
Conclusion Having taken both advantages and disadvantages into account, we can conclude that… Finally, despite of this drawback we can’t but appreciate…. It’s obvious that the ecological risks outweigh technological improvements.


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