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Article 413. Unlawful strikes

Pursuant to the article 55 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the following strikes shall be deemed unlawful and not permissible:

during the period of military or emergency situations or special procedures in accordance with the legislation on emergency situation; in the bodies and organizations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military, militarized or other formations and organizations providing for the country defense, State safety, repair-rescuing, search-rescuing, and anti-fire operations, prevention or elimination of the Acts of God and emergency situations; in law enforcement bodies; in organizations dealing with highly hazardous facilities or machinery, at ambulance stations of first medical aid;

in the bodies of essential public services (energy, heating, water, gas supply, air-, railway and water transport) in case if the conduct of strike threatens to the country`s defense and safety and to life and health of its people.

The strike right may be limited by the federal statute.

The strike shall be unlawful if it was announced without considering the terms, procedures, and requirements of collective industrial dispute, stipulated herein.

The decision of acknowledgement of a strike being unlawful shall be adopted by supreme courts of republics, territorial, regional courts, municipal federal courts, courts of autonomous regions and circuits upon employer`s or prosecutor`s claim.

Award of a court shall be communicated to employees through the head striking unit which shall immediately inform of it the strike participants.

Once adopted, the award which acknowledges the strike being unlawful, is subject to immediate enforcement. Employees shall terminate the strike and return to work not later than the day after the issue of a copy of such award to the head striking unit.

In case of a direct threat to life and health of people, the court shall be entitled to adjourn the non started strike for the period of up to 30 days, in case of a strike in progress - to suspend it for the same period.

In cases of vital importance for the interests of the Russian Federation or parts of its territory, the Government of the Russian Federation shall be entitled to suspend a strike until the issue of award by the respective court, but not more than for ten calendar days.

In cases where a strike cannot be conducted subject to Parts I and II of this Article, the decision on a collective industrial dispute shall be issued by the Government of the Russian Federation within a ten days period.


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