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Exercise 6. Retell the main idea of the listened text.

Exercise7. This is an extract from a letter you have received from your pen friend. Read it. Following the rules for an informal letter and using information about Australia write an informal letter to your pen friend.

….We’re doing a project at university about different Sydney Parks, Australia’s natural diversity, its birds and animals. Could you write me a short report about Australian wildlife to include in the project? Write as soon as you can. I wish you luck in your exams. Best wishes Andy


Australia’s plants and animals are special. Most of them occur nowhere else and our networks of protected areas are crucial for their long-term survival. Some protected areas can cope fairly easily with different types of human activities. However, the environments of others are more fragile, and their plant and animal populations can take a long time to recover even from the smallest amount of human interference National parks are relatively large areas protected for their unspoiled landscapes and their native plants and animals. They are set aside for public education and recreation, and usually offer visitor facilities. Situated near large population centers, they offer open space and recreational and cultural opportunities for urban residents. Marine parks are unique and outstanding marine areas set aside to conserve aquatic plants and animals. Historic sites can include buildings, objects, monuments or landscapes. They have national cultural importance, and are generally open to visitors.

Exercise 8. Writing for-and-against essay “Keeping animals in zoo”. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoo?


1. Choose the right variant: It … that a trained eagle is worth twelve horses (say).

a) are said

b) is said

c) is saying

d) were said

2. Choose the right variant: People say that one elephant is killed every minute of the day.

a) It were said …

b) It was said…

c) It is said ….

d) Its is says …

3. Choose the right variant: A lot of people nowadays consider fox-hunting to be very cruel.

a) Fox –hunting nowadays is consider …

b) Fox –hunting nowadays is believed…

c) Fox –hunting nowadays is said …

d) Fox –hunting nowadays is considered…

4. Choose the correct variant: The drill sergeant … the orders.

a) barked down

b) barked out

c) barked up

d) barked off

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