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Task 5. Read the text and write a suitable heading to each paragraph.


Exercise 6. Write down some information about these famous structures.

The Eiffel Tower designer: Gustav Eiffel Date: 1889 The Pyramids builders: ancient Egyptians date: about 2500 B.C. Big Ben designer: Sir Benjamin Hall date: 1859 The Sydney Opera House   designer: Jorn Utzon

Exercise 7. Write an essay on the theme “Historical monuments of our country” (80 words).

Exercise 8. Take part in a discussion on the theme “Why is archeological digging important for every country?”Answer these questions.

1In which sites are the archeological digging being carried out in our country at the moment?

2 What is the best season for archeological digging in our country?

3 Why are the historical monuments important for every country?

1. Choose the correct variant: Match the compound adjectives: Thick

a) humored

b) skinned

c) famous

d) made

2. Choose the correct variant:She lived in _____ house.

a) kind-hearted

b) an old-fashioned

c) open-minded

d) short-sighted

3. Choose the correct variant: When Brian got his promotion, he bought a _____car.

a) deeply-rooted

b) brand-new

c) well-mannered

d) short sighted

4. Choose the correct variant: Match the definition of the compound adjective: relaxed and casual in style or manner

a) absent-minded

b) cold-blooded

c) well-known

d) easy-going

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