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Talk about it using following word phrases (monologue).

Exercise 3. Read the text and translate the 2nd paragraph [4]

Which way of travelling do you prefer?

Many people take their main holiday in summer, and although some people choose a last-minute break, others plan their holiday months in advance. The beginning of the year is a good time for people to start looking at holiday brochures. Tour operators as well as travel agents give lots of information about holiday destinations and types of holiday. Apart from the traditional two-weekbeach holiday, you can choose from a range of holidays: a cruise, an activity holiday, a city break and so on. A lot of people choose a package holiday, where flights and accommodation are included in the price. But many people prefer an independent holiday, where they make their own travel arrangements.

If you travel independently, you will need to book your flights or train tickets. Unless you have an onward destination,you will probably book a return journey. Then you will need to make a reservation at a hotel, or another place to stay, such as a campsite, or a caravan site.

For all types of foreign holidays, it is essential that you check you have all your travel documents. Make sure your passport has expired, and that you have a visa if necessary.

As your departure date gets nearer, you can start to plan the details of your journey. Perhaps it will be a good idea to buy a guide book, or a phrase book, if you don't speak much of the local language. Some people like get lots of background information on where they are going, and find out about the places of interest and "must-see" sights. It's also fun to make a packing list,so you don't forget any vital clothes or toiletries.

Don't forget to make arrangements for your pets and your house while you're away. Put your dog into kennels, and leave a key with your neighbour just in case! Hopefully your neighbour will keep an eye onyour house while you're on holiday! Finally, get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Nowadays it can take much longer to get through security and onto the plane. Have a nice trip and send your neighbour a postcard!

Exercise 4. Guess the meaning of the highlighted words.

Exercise 5. Listen to the text. Fill in the test. [Part III p. 164-165], [4].



  TrueTrueTR True False
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is in South America.    
Tobago is extremely small country.    
The most famous place in Trinidad is the Nylon Pool.    
Tobago is very beautiful and is known for tourism, for its natural scenery.    

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