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Mass Media name: Internet issue “Public Procecutor Office of Ukraine ” (www.prokuratura.org.ua) of a public organization named “Organized Crime and Corruption Control Assisting Committee”.

Leader of the public organization “Organized Crime and Corruption Control Assisting Committee”: Milenin Oleksiy Viktorobych.


Organization address (legal, physical, postal):

· Legal: 03067, Kyiv, 25 Industrialna St.

· Physical: Kyiv, 17 Mykhailivska St., second floor

· Postal: 01025, Kyiv-25, P.O. Box 138

Project manager (name and position):

Kyslov Roman Volodymyrovych – Chief editor of the Internet issue “Public Procecutor Office of Ukraine”, Committee Chairman Councelor, Member of National Journalists Union of Ukraine.

· Phone/Fax: +38 (044) 278-70-45

· WEB: www.prokuratura.org.ua

· E-mail: info@prokuratura.org.ua

National currency (UAH) banking account:

· Account number 26006301002696

· JSCB “Transbank”, Kyiv, 9 Fizkultury St.

· MFO 300089

· EDRPOU 26378894

Mass Media Description:

“Public Procecutor Office of Ukraine is the Internet project specializing on issues of informational and analytical crime and corruption control coverage in Ukraine. The project serves a media resource providing the general public with information on results of journalist investigations relating to power abuse and other abuses of law by central, local and juridical authorities. It also serves a feed-back source gathering information on cases of corruption and criminal activities.

The Internet Issue is filled with the following content:

· Investigations of PPOU (independent journalist investigations, performed by issue correspondents and independent journalists);

· Loud cases (data on corruption issues that are in focus of public attention);

· Mass Media monitoring (monitoring, analysis and re-publishing data on corruption in Ukraine);

· Law compliance (Committee and Internet issue activities).

Further enhancement of issue coverage has been planned.



Public organization “Organized Crime and Corruption Control Assisting Committee” was established on October 25th of 2001. Legal registration took place on August 1st of 2003, licence number №0141-2003 Г.О.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Control Assisting Committee has been successfully executing its statute activities for three years. Within this time period it came to close cooperation with the Standing Committee of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine on Organized Crime and Corruption Issues, departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Services of Ukraine that fight corruption and organized crime. Based on data provided by the Committee there were revealed cases of corruption, open criminal cases and law violating officials were drawn to responsibility. The Committee also gathered and passed on data on illegal and unethical behaviour of government officials. Several journalist investigations were undertaken based on appeals of citizens and businessman, and further proper data were placed in mass media sources (including Internet based issue “Public Procecutor Office of Ukraine”), which attracted public attention and helped solve the issues into applicants’ favour.

Examples of successful activities of the Committee and Internet issue are described in the Internet issue in the following columns: “Investigations of PPOU”, “About the Committee”, “VOX POPULI”, “Law compliance”, “Answers of state authorities”, “The Committee is authorized to state”, “Mass media about us”.

The Committee and the Internet project have the office situated in Kyiv, 17 Mykhailivska St., second floor. It owns the following equipment: two phone lines, 3 computers, printer, digital camera, two digital dictaphones, Internet access and office furniture. Committee and Internet project employees are educated specialists in the fields of law and journalism, former employees of force powers with vast experience in solving issues relating to goal and tasks of the Committee and Internet project activities.




" Production and distribution of information data on cases of corruption in governmental authorities, monitoring of corruption-favouring conditions and possibilities to draw violators to responsibility".


PROJECT DURATION: July 1st, 2006 – July 1st, 2007.


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