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Exercise I. Define the nature of each idiom below depend­ing on the way it is to be translated into Ukrainian:

1. an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth; 2. custom (habit, use) is a second nature; 3. he laughs best who laughs last; 4. let bygones be bygones; 5. like two drops of water; 6. look before you leap; 7. my little finger told me that; 8. a new broom sweeps clean; 9. no bees, no honey; no work, no money; 10. (one) can't see before one's nose; 11. (one) can't say boo to the goose; 12. to pick one's chestnuts out of the fire; 13. a prodigal son; 14. (as) proud as a

peacock; 15. to return like for like; 16. to see smth. with the corner of one's eye; 17. there is no smoke without fire; 18. a tree of knowledge; 19. a voice in the wilderness; 20. to wipe off the disgrace; 21. to wipe one/smth. off the face/surface of the earth; 22. with open arms;

23. with a rope round one's neck; 24. whom God would ruin, he first
deprives of reason; 25. it is a bold mouse that nestles in the cat's ear;
26. fire and water are good servants but bad masters; 27. he who is
born a fool is never cured; 28. beauty is a fading flower; 29. a bad
beginning makes a bad ending (Greek); 30. a full belly makes a dull
brain; 31. the belly is not filled with fair words; 32. bread and circus;
33. fair words fat few; 34. between the devil and the deep; 35. like
water off the feathers of a duck; 36. what is writ is writ; 37. no sweet
without sweat; 38. first come, first served; 39. eyes are bigger than
the stomach; 40. not blink an eye; 41. work like a dog; 42. walk on
air; 43. work one's fingers to the bone; 44. Alpha and Omega;
45. physician, heal thyself; 46. the salt of the earth.

Exercise II. Suggest Ukrainian near equivalents for the idiomatic expressions below. Use part b) of the exercise for the purpose:

a) 1. To kill two birds with a stone. 2. A good beginning makes a good ending (A good beginning is half the battle). 3. To kiss the post. 4. To know as one knows one's ten fingers/to have something at one's finger tips. 5. To laugh the wrong side of one's mouth. 6. To lay something for a rainy day. 7. He that diggeth a pit for another should look that he fall not into it himself. 8. To lick one's boots. 9. Lies have short legs. 10. Life is not a bed of roses. 11. To make one's blood run cold. 12. Measure twice and cut once. 13. More royalist than the king. 14. As naked as a worm. 15. Nobody home. 16. No sooner said than done. 17. Not to lift a finger. 18. An old dog will learn no new tricks. 19. Old foxes need no tutors. 20. To buy a pig in a poke. 21. To play one's game. 22. To pour water in (into, through) a sieve. 23. To praise smb. beyond the skies/the moon.

24. As pretty as a picture. 25. As handsome as a paint. 26. Not to
have a penny/a sixpence/a dime to bless oneself. 27. Not to have a
shirt (rag) to one's back. 28. Not to know A from B. 29. To put spokes
in one's wheel 30. Pride goes (comes) before a fall/destruction.
31. To promise mountains and marvels. 32. One fool makes many.
33. The voice of one is the voice of none. 34. One step above the
sublime makes the ridiculous. 35. On Monday morning don't be look­
ing for Saturday night. 36. As pale as a corpse (as ashes, death).
37. Let George do it.


b) 1. Одним ударом (махом) двох зайців убити. 2. Добре розпочати - півділа зробити. 3. Поцілувати замок. 4. Знати, як свої п'ять пальців. 5. На кутні сміятися. 6. Відкладати щось на чорний день. 7. Хто іншому яму копає, той сам у неї потрапляє. 8. Лизати п'яти (комусь). 9. Брехнею далеко не заїдеш (весь світ пройдеш, та назад не вернешся). 10. Життя прожити - не поле перейти (на віку, як на довгій ниві). 11. Кров у жилах холоне. 12. Сім раз відміряй (одмір), а раз відріж (утни). 13. Більший католик, ніж папа римський. 14. Голий, як бубон. 15. Не всі вдома (однієї клепки не вистачає). 16. Сказав, як зав'язав (сказано - зроблено). 27. Пальцем не поворухне. 18. Старого не перевчиш (вченого вчити -тільки час марнувати). 19. Не вчи вченого. 20. Купити (купувати) кота в мішку. 21. Танцювати під чиюсь дудку. 22. Носити воду в решеті. 22. Підносити когось до небес. 24. Гарна, як квітка (як яблучко). 25. Гарний, як червінець. 26. Не мати шеляга/копійки за душею. 27. Сорочки на плечах не мати. 28. Ні бе, ні ме, ні кукуріку. 29, Вставляти палиці комусь в колеса. 30. Гордість (пиха) до добра не доводить. 31. Обіцяти золоті гори. 32. Дурість заразлива. 33. Один у полі не воїн. 34. Від великого до смішного - один крок. 35. Шукати вчорашнього дня. 36. Білий, як стіна (як крейда, як полотно). 37. Іван киває на Петра.

Exercise III. Suggest Ukrainian single word equivalents for the following English phraseological and set expressions:

1. all for naught; 2. a shot in the blue; 3. a simple innocent; 4. to sink to destitution; 5. the small of the night (the small hours of the night); 6. soft in the brain (head); 7. Before you can say Jack Robinson; 8. mother's strawberry/mark; 9. breathe one's last; 10. by word of mouth; 11. tender years; 12. to the end of time; 13. to the purpose; 14. white liver; 15. will and testament; 16. with a bold front; 17. with a faint heart; 18. with a good grace; 19. with one's tongue in one's cheek; 20. a young Tartar; 21. you try us; 22. as the crow flies.

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