rhrs the phraseological units italicized and translate thm into Ukrainian.

1. Gregory and lount had previously agreed t stad their groud, and if n further treachery were intended it was to b frustrated with bullets. (Dreiser) 2. That night h relived through... his difficulty in settling down, his refusal t fid groud with Pat. (J. Lidsay) 3. Onh stepped into the building h sensed a change. The vr air seemedto b in motion, as if still swirling i the wake of men who had just momentago hurried through the corridors on someerrand. (. Wilso)

Us suitbl phraseological units instead of the words and combinations of words italicized.

1. TomSawyer caught glimpse of Injun Joe in the v; h decided to keep it secret from Becky. 2. The youths fromdifferent, countries at the Festivals always find common topics for discussions. 3. While in the countryPushkin shared his griefs and troubles with his nurse who was extremelyresponsive and sympathetic. 4. When theaccused was brought totrial he was shakig from fear becase h was aware that his crimewas to b punished severely. 5. When after long disease the old man first went for walk he felt rather weak. 6. h manager bm furious: the reporter had nt tkn n interview from visiting cinema star.

Render the following words and pressions in English.

1) ; 2) ; 3) , ; 4) , ; 5) ; 6) .

Match the meanings of the idioms with their definitions.

1. be as bright as a button 2. be in the dark 3. (not) have the faintest idea 4. stand ones ground 5. be in the red 6. be like a red rag to a bull 7. rise to the occasion 8. be shaking in your boots/shoes a) make someone very angry b) be very frightened or anxious c) have no knowledge of or no information about something d) be intelligent and quick-witted e) not know about something that other people know about f) owe money to the bank g) succeed in dealing with a difficult situation h) refuse to change your opinions or behaviour

Read the text below. Some of the lines are correct and some of the lines have an extra word which should not be there. If the line is correct put a tick. If the line has a word which should not be there, write an extra word.

Last Monday we were still in the dark about whether any jobs were going to be cut. The staff were being shaking in their boots and we didnt have any the faintest idea of what to do. We got to know that the company was in the red and that was the reason why the decision to cut jobs had been taken. The announcement of the job cuts was like a red rag to a bull to the trade union. The union had stood its ground in negotiations despite of the pressure by management and rose to the occasion. 1_______________ 2_______________ 3_______________ 4_______________ 5_______________ 6_______________ 7_______________

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