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Exercise 3. Listen to the following extract from the recording, which shows how the situation progressed after H.G.Тs visit to the bank

Listen to the following extract from the recording, which shows how the situation progressed after H.G.Тs visit to the bank. Try to complete the gaps, using no more than three words in each case.


Grant: What did I tell you, Peter! After all that Е Е Е I've got Е Е . The Bank Manager wasn't going to risk Е Е Е . Well, we're saved. Wentworth can't get Е Е Е to mine or Е Е . Aren't you pleased?
Peter: Of course I'm pleased ... but, you know, Е Е Е Mr. Brewer was not at all Е Е of Е Е .
Grant: How do you know?
Peter: I went to see him Е Е Е . He told me he was Е Е Е what he called Е Е .
Grant: What did you say?
Peter: Oh, I talked a bit about Е Е Е banks play Е Е Е to expand. How Е Е Е depended a great deal Е Е Е and business sense - you know the sort of thing.
Grant: I don't see Е Е that would make.
Peter: One of these days I'll give you Е Е Е on how to deal Е Е Е . It was one of Е Е Е I learnt after Е Е Е .



Exercise 4

Match the terms on the left with an appropriate explanation on the right. Five of the phrases have more than one explanation. Fill in the grid below.

1. share a. percentage charge for borrowing money
2. interest b. a charge made (per cent per annum) on money lent
3. building society c. the document stating the name of the company; if it is limited or not; the registered address; the amount of share capital and how this is divided into shares
4. an overdraft d. amount of a cheque which is more than the money in the account on which it is drawn
5. authorized capital e. one of equal parts into which a firmТs capital is divided
6. Memorandum of Association f. further mortgage on a property which is already mortgaged
7. short-term loan g. amount of capital in the form of shares which a company is allowed to issue, as stated in the memorandum of association
8. the rate of interest h. payment made by a borrower for the use of money as a percentage of the capital borrowed
9. second mortgage i. an organisation of contributors who save money, invest in it, in return for interest, so that capital can be loaned to those wishing to buy a house
10. solicitor j. has to be repaid within a few weeks
    k. a lawyer who gives advice, and speaks on behalf of his clients in the lower courts
    l. what you buy if you invest money in a company
    m. money lent on the condition that it will be paid back before, or by, a certain date in the near future
    n. the acceptance of a loan with a property as a security which has already been mortgaged, but hasnТt been paid yet in full
    o. the amount of money which a company or person can withdraw from a bank account with the bankТs permission, and which is more than there is in the account


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
e, Е                  





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