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Complaint regarding poor service.


This correspondence relates to circumstances where a customer does not receive proper attention. In answer to their telephone enquiry regarding a damaged tape recorder the supplier suggests that the goods be sent for inspection in order to obtain a quotation for its repair. The customer does so but hen hears no more.

Customer's initial letter

The customer writes to the supplier on 28 June after a telephone conversation with Mr. Jackson


Dear Mr Jackson




Introduction refers to Further to our telephone conversation this morning, I am telephone conversation sending my faulty tape recorder. I understand that

and details discussed arrangements can be made for it to be inspected and also

quotation given for its repair.


The following faults will be found:

The faults are 1.The recorder does not reproduce clearly on the right-hand listed and speaker.

numbered for clarity 2. Distortion suggests that the recording head may need replacing.

3. The winding mechanism appears to be faulty.

It is possible that an inspection may reveal other faults.

Closing section requests It would help to speed matters if you would let me have the an immediate quotation quotation by telephone as I want this work to be carried

out and the recorder returned as quickly as possible.


Yours faithfully

Supplier's acknowledgement


On 5 July the supplier sent a printed form number WE69376 acknowledging receipt of both the recorder and the customer's letter of 2 June, but did not quote as promised. Two weeks later, on 18 July, the customer wrote to the sup­plier again. Note that rather than suggest that the quotation has not been sent, the letter states more tactfully that it has not yet been received


Dear Mr Jackson




On 28 June I sent the above recorder to you for inspection and a quotation for servicing. As the matter was of some urgency I requested a quotation by telephone.


On 5July your form number WE69376 acknowledged receipt of the recorder and my letter, but to date I have not received a quotation.


If a quotation has not already been sent I should be grateful if you would send it immediately to enable work on the recorder to be put in hand without further delay.


A prompt reply will be appreciated.


Yours sincerely


Quotation is received and customer sends remittance


On 25 July a service card headed 'Job Reference WE69376' was received by the customer requesting payment of £60.85 before the service could be carried o On 28 July the customer sends a cheque for this amount with a covering letter.


Dear Mr Jackson




I am returning your service card WE69376 with a cheque for £60.86 to cover the cost of servicing the above recorder.


This recorder has been with you for over 4 weeks and I am greatly inconvenienced without it. I hope you can arrange for its immediate repair and that it can be returned within the next few days.


Yours sincerely

Customer receives a further payment request


No acknowledgement of receipt of the customer's cheque was received. C 14 August the customer received a printed note stating that work on t recorder had been completed and requesting payment of the amount due.

Customer writes to the Manager


Delay in returning the recorder and a request for payment of an amount already paid understandably angered the customer. The immediate reaction was writing a strong letter to the Manager. Instead the result was in terms more like to gain co-operation in rectifying what was probably quite an innocent mistake


Dear Mrs. Stansfield




I am sorry to have to write to you personally regarding delay in the return of the above recorder sent in for repair on 28 June. The facts are as follows:

1 On 28 June I spoke to your Mr. Keith Jackson regarding my faulty tape
recorder. As a result I sent my letter dated 28 June with the recorder
requesting a quotation.

2 On 5 July your Service Department acknowledged receipt of the recorder
and my letter.

3 Not having received the quotation I sent a reminder on 18 July, and on
25 July I received a service card (reference WE69376) quoting a charge of
£60.85 for servicing.

4 This card was returned on 28 July with my cheque for that amount and my
letter asking for the service to be carried out and the recorder returned as
a matter of urgency

I heard nothing more until this morning when I was surprised to receive a printed form stating that the work had been completed and asking for payment of the amount due.

I am sure you will appreciate my concern at the length of time involved in this matter. As it is 2 full months since I sent the recorder to you, I hope you will arrange to return it immediately.


Yours faithfully



Manager's apology


In the reply the Manager admits fault. Sincerity in this matter will help to restore customer confidence and goodwill.


Dear Mr Richards




I was very sorry to learn from your letter of 14 August of the problems experienced in the repair and return of your tape recorder.


I have investigated this matter personally, and regret that the delay is due to the absence through illness of the assistant who was dealing with your order initially.


Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience which has been caused. The recorder has been sent to you today by express parcel post and I hope it will reach you quickly and in good condition.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Yours sincerely


Customer thanks Manager


The correspondence could have ended with the Manager's letter, but the cus­tomer rightly felt that it would be a matter of courtesy to thank the manager for such prompt intervention.


Dear Mrs Stansfield




Thank you for your letter of 3 September and for dealing so promptly with this matter. I can appreciate the circumstances which led to the delay which was experienced.


My tape recorder has been delivered and appears to be in good working order.


Yours sincerely



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