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Work and jobs

1. Use a word from the box to complete each sentence. There is one extra word that you don’t have to use.


deal responsible work job manage under of responsibility


1. I ____________________ for Morgans the aircraft company.

2. I ____________________ the manufacturing plant in Cambridge.

3. I am in charge ____________________ the production team.

4. About 120 people work ____________________ me.

5. Coordination between production and design is my ____________________.

6. I ____________________ with a lot of people in the company and with our customers.

7. I’m ____________________ for a budget of over € 100 million.


Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:



Write one word from the box below in each gap to complete the text. You may choose to use some words more than once.


  at for in of off on get to  


“My name is Anne Scott and I work __________ (1) a public relations company in London. I leave __________ (2) work at 7 o’clock in the morning. I go __________ (3) work by train and I usually __________ (4) to work by 8.30. I’m always __________ (5) work till about 6 o’clock so I never get home before 7.30 pm. Last year I broke my leg and so I was __________ (6) work for over a month. I didn’t like being at home. I love my job. I would hate to be permanently out __________ (7) work.”


Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:



In each sentence, write the correct form of the word given in brackets.


1. I’m responsible for __________ the design team. (manage)

2. I’m in charge of __________ the work of the team. (coordinate)

3. One of my responsibilities is to __________ sure that we don’t spend too much money. (make)

4. My team is responsible for the __________of new models for production. (design)

5. I’m in charge of __________our work for the whole year. (plan)


Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:




1. Draw a line from each word on the left to a word on the right to make a word pair. There is one extra word that you don’t have to use.


1. physically contact
2. human work
3. problem on
4. day demanding
5. team commute
6. clock shift
7. working solving



Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:


Choose the best word from the brackets to fill the gap.


1. I had a 9-to-5 __________when I left school but I hated it. (job/work)

2. We have a __________system, but everyone must be here between 10 and 2. (repetitive/flexitime)

3. I work from __________and simply send my work over the Internet. (house/home)

4. I just sit in front of a computer all day, but this work is mentally __________tiring/routine)

5. This is the most __________job I’ve ever had. There is never a boring minute. (stimulating/repetitive)

6. We all look forward to 5.30 because then we can __________off for the day. (shift/clock)

7. The 7.30 train to London is always full of __________ (commuters/telecommuters)

Оформите ваши ответы в данной таблице:


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