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Russia Scraps Agreement with U.S. on Crime-Fighting Cooperation

The government has canceled an agreement with the United States on cooperation in law enforcement and drug control.

The agreement no longer corresponds to today's reality, the government said in a decree published on its website Wednesday.

It added that the Foreign Ministry should inform U.S. authorities about the decision.

Under the agreement, the U.S. government provided financial assistance to Russian law enforcement agencies for crime-fighting projects. When it was concluded, those agencies did not have enough money for such programs, the government said.

While state coffers are much fuller today, the decision looks like a tit-for-tat move, coming only days after the State Department said that it was withdrawing from a joint working group with Russia over civil society issues.

Over the past few months, Moscow has cancelled a number of cooperation projects with the U.S., most notably by forcing USAID, Washington's biggest grant agency, to close its office in the country. The government has argued that the country should no longer be seen internationally as a recipient of aid but rather as a donor.

At least on paper, both countries continue to cooperate over drug control in a joint counter-narcotics working group. The group, headed by Gil Kerlikowske, the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Federal Drug Enforcement Service director Viktor Ivanov, is one of 19 remaining working groups within the U.S.-Russian Bilateral Presidential Commission.

/The Moscow Times/



to scrap- отказаться

to cancel - отменить

agreement on – соглашение по

law enforcement – обеспечение правопорядка

to correspond to – соответствовать ч.-л.

under an agreement- согласно соглашению

decision - решение

tit-for-tat move – ответный ход (отплата)

to withdraw – выходить из догоиора

civil society – гражданское общество

issue - вопрос

air - воздух

remaining - оставшиеся


B. Answer these questions:

1. What agreement with the US has the Russian government cancelled?

2. Why did Russia decide to cancel the agreement?

3. What kind of assistance did the US government provide Russia with?

4. Do both countries continue to cooperate over drug control?



A. Discuss these questions in small groups.

1. Have you ever been a victim or a witness of a crime?

2. What does the saying “the punishment should fit the crime” mean?

3. What are the reasons for the increase in violence among young people in the world / in your country?

4. What are the motives of kidnapping?


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