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READING (10 min)

Task 1. Read and translate the 2nd paragraph of the text. (Time for preparation – 5 min., for answer – 2 min).

Max White is only ten years old, but he has an honor of being the youngest person that has ever fooled the Security Services of MI5. Max, who is eleven, next month, created havoc with MI5’s computer system and nearly caused a national emergency. Max just thought he was having fun playing a computer game. Max was just six years old when his father bought him his first computer, which he used to play children’s games on, but he quickly moved on to more exciting activities.

Max, whose father is the Chief Inspector on the Metropolitan Police, had soon infiltrated all his father’s confidential files. Max was too young to understand the seriousness of what he was doing. Early in the morning he would creep into his father’s office, closing the door gently behind him, and turn on the computer. He realized that different codes gave him access to certain files, and he soon discovered files that even his father was unaware of. Keith Hamilton, who is the Government Section Chief of MI5, monitored the progress of this unknown spy.

He wondered what sort of super intelligence could break the codes, which they thought were indecipherable. But what he couldn’t understand was why the spy made no attempt to close all the files behind him, thus making it obvious – that espionage was taking place. The reason became apparent when they discovered their so-called secret agent. Max didn’t know how to close down – the files, only how to open them.

Task 2. Read the text and write suitable heading to each paragraph. (Time for preparation – 2 min., for answer – 1 min).

WRITING (10 min)

Task 1. Write an essay on given situation.(80 words).(Time for preparation – 8 min., for answer – 2 min).

Some young children spend a great amount of their time sitting on Internet. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.



Card №13

LISTENING (10 min.)

Task 1. Listen to the text [T.13]- 3 min. and give T(true) and F(False) answers (Time for preparation-5 min., time for answering- 1 min.).

  True False
John Well is the director of a company which supplies magicians for live events.    
Polanski is not the director of the film.    
The director didn't give him a normal interview.    
The boys learned really quickly.    
Tourists are especially at risk from pickpockets.    

Task 2. Retell the main idea of the listened text (Time for preparation-2 min., time for answering-2 min.).

SPEAKING (10 min.)

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