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Choose the right word to the proverbs.

Customs, a friend, longest , early, end, head, speak , poor,dog, smoke, health, laughs, silver, lion, tongue, tools, ending, dog, well, two
A bad beginning makes a bad … . A bad workman quarrels with his … . Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a … Better … than late. Better lose a jest than … . Better the foot slip than the … . Better to do well than to say … . Every … is a lion at home. Fish begins to stink at the … . Four eyes see more (better) than .. .   In every beginning think of the … . Love me, love my … . One law for the rich, and another for the … . So many countries, so many … . The … day has an end. There is no fire without … . Think today and tomorrow … . Wealth is nothing without … . Не laughs best who last … То be born with a … spoon in one's mouth.

Exercise 1. Listen to five people talking about music festivals. Give true (T) or false (F) answers. [Part III p. 178], [1, T 5.20].

  True False
Jordan went to a rock festival in Ohio    
Anne went to Glastonbury    
Harley went to music festival with friends    
Ray went to Bath Music Blues Festival when he was much younger    
Mike went to the Big Chilly, it was really good    


Exercise 2. Answer the questions.

Which speaker …

1. went to a festival with members of their family

2. doesn`t know the name of the festival they went to

3. has very clear memories of the experience

4. went to a festival where there were a lot of people

5. didn`t sleep at all

Exercise 3. Speaking. The five events which are illustrated on the pictures take place in Kazakhstan. Answer the questions.

1. ____________ 2.________________3.___________________4. ______________ ____ 5. _____________

Which of them do you know? What time of the year any of them take place? Are any of them celebrated or observed in UK or USA? What kind of food might you have? What do people wear?


Exercise 4. Discuss one the best celebrated holiday in Kazakhstan.

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