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Прочитайте текст. (При необходимости пользуйтесь словарем). I was born on the 22nd of March

I was born on the 22nd of March. Birthday is a very remarkable day for me. It is spring and the weather is fine. In the morning my parents come to my room to wake me singing “Happy Birthday, dear Andy”. They give me the presents. I like to get them very much.

Most people hold their birthday party on their birthdays. Usually, we hold my birthday party on Sunday next to the 22nd of March. Once or twice we went for a picnic on that day, but usually we celebrate it at home. We invite my friends and relatives to the party.

I get up early in the morning on that day. My father and I go shopping to the district marketplace and supermarkets. We buy everything we need for the party. My mother stays at home to clean the flat and bake a pie and cakes. Then we lay the table together, put on evening suits and wait for the guests. At about four o'clock my relatives and friends come to congratulate me and I am glad to see them. They bring a bunch of roses for my mother and books, sweets and records for me. I thank my friends for coming and the presents. My aunts usually buy some clothes for me as a birthday present. We have an abundant dinner on this day. Mother brings the birthday cake and I blow out the candles. We dance and sing songs, make jokes and play games. When everybody is tired, we just lie on the floor and tell stories or just listen to the music in my room. I enjoy my birthday party and my friends like this day too.

(Адаптировано с сайта: http://www.native-english.ru/topics/my-birthday)


3. Соедините слова из текста с их значениями:

Образец: 1.e)

1. get a) надевать
2. relatives b) букет роз
3. put on c) рассказывать истории
4. a bunch of roses d) шутить
5. to make jokes e) получать
6. to tell stories f) родственники
  g) подарки


4. Заполните пропуски словами, соответствующими содержанию текста:

Образец:I was … on the 22nd of March. - I was bornon the 22nd of March.

1. Veterans Day is a truly … day.

2. Her family … me to stay with them for a few weeks.

3. I was just … Ceri on winning her race.

4. After dinner she … the candles.

5. Most people … their birthday party on their birthdays.


5. Сопоставьте следующие слова и их значения:

Образец: 1.а

1. birthday a) a day when a person was born
2. to invite b) people who have been invited
3. guests c) things you give someone on special occasion
4. presents d) people you like very much and like to spend time with
5. friends e) to get pleasure from something
6. to enjoy f) to ask someone to come to the party
  g) the main meal of the day

6. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What is birthday for the main character?

2. What do Andy’s parents do in the morning on that day?

3. Where and when do they usually celebrate Andy’s birthday?

4. How does Andy spend his birthday?

5. Why does Andy enjoy his birthday party?

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