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Demonstrative pronouns.

1. The demonstrative pronouns are this, that, such, (the) same. The demonstrative pronouns this and that have two numbers:

this — these; that — those.

This is used to point at what is nearer in time or space; that points at what is farther away in time or space.

He looked him over critically. "Yes,this boy might do," he thought. (Dreiser)

"I likethat fellow," Henry Waterman confided to his brother the moment Frank had gone with instructions to report the following morning. (Dreiser)

This and that may be applied both to persons and things.

Andthis girl was French, not likely to lose her head, or accept any unlegalized position. (Galsworthy)

Other people were anxious to getthis soap atthis price. (Dreiser)

What do you think ofthat Belgian fellow, Profond? (Galsworthy)

To Forsyte imaginationthat house was now a sort of Chinese pill-box... (Galsworthy)

The pronoun such.

She wore a red ribbon in her hair, and was the only one of the white company who could boast ofsuch a pronounced adorn­ment. (Hardy)

The pronoun same is always used with the definite article.

The driver was a young man... wearing a dandy cap, drab jacket, breeches of thesame hue. (Hardy)

2. The demonstrative pronouns this and that are used as subjects, predicatives, objects, and attributes.

It's all right, but I'd rather try my hand at brokerage, I thinkthatappeals to me. (Dreiser) (SUBJECT)

The only honest people — if they existed — werethose who said:

"This is foul brutality..." (Aldington) (PREDICATIVE)

Tell me just how you didthis. (Dreiser) (OBJECT)

"Ifthat young fellow wanted a place, I'd give it to him," he thought. (Dreiser) (ATTRIBUTE)

The demonstrative pronoun that (those) may be used as a word- substitute:

But in thinking of his remaining guest, an expression likethat of a cat who is just going to purr stole over his (Swithin's) old face. (Galsworthy)

The features (of young Jolyon) were certainlythose of a Forsyte, but the expression was more the introspective look of a student or philosopher. (Galsworthy)

The pronoun such is used as subject, predicative, object, and at­tribute:

If any living man can manage this horse I can — I won't say any living man can do it — but ifsuch has the power, I am here. (Hardy) (SUBJECT)

Her idolatry of this man wassuch that she herself almost feared it to be ill-omened. (Hardy) (PREDICATIVE) Butsuch thoughts and visions did not prevent him from following Professor Caldwell closely. (London) (ATTRIBUTE)

The pronoun (the) same usually performs the function of an at­tribute, but it may be used as subject, predicative, object:

We were inthe same classes. (London) (ATTRIBUTE) It is to be fearedthe same could not be said of you, were you to be called hence. (Ch. Bronte) (SUBJECT) Martin's Sunday wasthe same as before. (London) (PREDICA­TIVE)

"May this young man dothe same!" said Angel fervently. (Hardy) (OBJECT)

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