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Билет №21

1. Прочитайте, переведите, перескажите и задайте 5 вопросов разных типов к данному тексту.


One evening, about the turn of the last century, several guests sat around a dinner table discussing famous murders and unsolved crimes. One of the guests, Dr Joseph Bell, a famous Edinburgh surgeon and university professor, surprised the others with his unusual deductive abilities.

"The trouble with most people", he said, "is that they see, but do not observe. Any really good detective ought to be able to tell, before a stranger has sat down, his occupation, habits, and past history through rapid observation and deduction. Glance at a man and you find his nationality written on his face, his means of living on his hands, and the rest of the story in his gait1, manners, tattoo marks, and clothes".

One of the guests remarked, "Why, Dr Bell might almost be Sherlock Hol­mes". "My dear sir, I am Sherlock Holmes", Dr Bell said. Dr Bell was not joking. He was, indeed, the original Sherlock Holmes, the prototype for the famous Conan Doyle's creation. As you might know, Arthur Conan Doyle studied to be a doctor at the University of Edinburgh. While at University, Doyle was greatly influenced by Joseph Bell, one of his professors.

Dr Bell was famous for his keen2 powers of observation3 and deduction. He could diagnose4 a patient's disease just by observing him.

Dr Bell's lectures always filled the hall. The students admired him and thought him a magician. Bell never failed to surprise them.

Dr Bell's detecting genius was known to the police. He worked hand in hand with Sir Henry Littlejohn, Edinburgh police surgeon, and helped to solve sev­eral complicated crimes. When Arthur Conan Doyle decided to write his first detective story he remembered Dr Bell. He called him Sherlock Holmes.


2. Говорение.

К Вам в гости пришел Ваш друг и Вы обсуждаете роль средств массовой коммуникации в жизни человека: - какие средства массовой коммуникации Вы знаете и какими Вы пользуетесь в повседневной жизни; - какая Ваша любимая телепередача; - какие газеты и журналы Вы читаете; - можно ли доверять информации из средств массовой коммуникации. Your friend has come to you. You are discussing the role of mass media in people’s life. - What means of mass media do you know? Which of them do you use in your everyday life? - What is your favorite TV program? - What newspapers and magazines do you read? - can you trust the mass media information?



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