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Processing hardware floppy disk

input processor flash memory

output secondary memory personnel


1. Information... takes place in the... not in the... device or... device.

2. The... refers to all the electromechanical devices used in a computer installation.

3.... and... units are used as... storage devices.

4. A computer isn't usually a... machine and may require quite specialized... to operate it and all its related equip­ment.

XIII. Summarize the text on " Characteristics " by completing the following table.









System Components Parts
Hardware   1.
  2. Control Unit
Peripheral devices 1.
A. 2. Disks
B. 3.



Unit 3 “Hardware and software”

I. Read and guess the meaning of the following international words:

Systems, mixture, effect, integrate, discuss, physical, electronic, electromechanical, program, control, coordinate, ac­tivity, direct, diagrammatically, component, processor, manipu­lation, peripheral, category, product, specific, select, original, monstrosity

II. Translate the following word combinations:

To use effectively, integrated parts, a useful whole, elec­tromechanical device, to coordinate the activities, to show dia­grammatically, joined together, to perform manipulations, actual execution, various devices, broad categories, system supplier, computer product, a specific need, turnkey systems, hardware and software components, a poorly chosen system.

III. Memorize the following " false friend":

1. execution - 1) выполнение; исполнение

2) результат, действие

3) казнь

IV. Phrases with prepositions for you to remember:

1. to divide into - делить на

2. along with - вместе, с собой


V. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the func­tions of Participle II:

1. The discovery mentioned remained unknown to most scientists for a long time. 2. The equipment tested required further improvement. 3. When passed through a motor, electric current can do work. 4. The students have conducted all the experiments. 5. These instruments recorded the cosmic rays and the information obtained was sent back by the radar to the ground. 6. When heated, a magnet loses some of its magnetism. 7. The results received changed with material used. 8. Unless repaired, this part cannot be used in the radio set. 9. The substances investigated showed quite interesting properties. 10. When developed, the device was used for amplification of radio signals. 11. The developed technology enables us to improve the quality of articles produced. 12. The first laser was developed in 1960. 13. The methods introduced received general recognition. 14. If frozen, water becomes ice. 15. The device used in our work is up-to-date. 16. The apparatus tested is looked upon as an experimental one. 17. When required, these data will be appli­ed in our practical work. 18. The investigation analyzed resulted in an interesting discovery.

VI. Define the functions of Participle II in passage 4.

VII. Read and translate the text.

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