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Discus; Plants.)


Note: Some of these books are hard to track down, and some arc occasional publications which are either scarce or only locally available. Sec below for a list of specialist book suppliers. There are very few books in the English language which cover the freshwater fish faunas of Central and South America. J = Published in a Journal.

Alien, G.R. (1982), A Feld Guide to the Inland Fishes of Western Australia. Western Australian Museum, Australia, xvi + 86 pp. (+ plates).

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Smith, N.J.H. (1981) Man, Fishes, and the Amazon. Columbia University Press, New York. x +180 pp. (Not an ichthyofauna book as such, it deals with the fisheries of the Amazon, but contains a useful checklist of foodfish of the Itacoatiara region, Brazil, plus notes on habitats.)

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