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Managers perform various functions, but one of the most important and least understood aspects of their job is proper utilization of people. Research reveals that worker performance is closely related to motivation; thus keeping employee motivated is an essential component of good management. In a business context, motivation refers to the stimulus that directs the behavior of workers toward the company goals. In order to achieve company goals, managers must be aware of workers’ needs.

Recruiting good people is a difficult task. It is time-consuming and costly. But a well-chosen labor force will be more productive than a poorly-chosen one. Do a good job of selecting and recruiting employee and they will stay with you. People who work a territory for years build up goodwill for the company; they become well-acquainted with the customers’ needs and are able to give advice rooted in experience. Customers place a lot of confidence in such people. A poorly-selected labor force means a high staff turnover. There are two main reasons for having to recruit: expansion and replacement. But in any case you need to prepare a "man profile". Some of the points that might be included in the man profile are:

age range qualifications

experience single or married

skillspersonal characteristics

education level physical abilities

foreign languages appearance

These should be listed in terms of what is acceptable and what is preferable, as in Table 1.

Table 1. Man profile for sales person

  General Preferred
Age 26-45 Under 30
Experience Minimum 1 to 2 years
Skills --- Ability to read blueprints
Education Minimum First degree
Foreign languages --- French
Qualification Minimum Member of Institute of Sales
Single/married --- Married with children
Appearance Neat/tidy M: clean-shaven, clean nails, non-smoker, short hair; F: neat, good-hands, slim, non-smoker, shortish hair;
Physical characteristics --- Well-spoken, well-mannered, pleasant voice, articulate


Sometimes a list of characteristics and guidelines is created. The list may include the following points:

1. Appearance 2. Handshake 3. Courtesy 4. Friendliness 5. Poise 6. Speech 7. Self-control 8. Handwriting 9. Ambition 10. Curiosity 11. Enthusiasm 12. Numeracy 13. Flexibility 14. Health (smoker?) 15. Knowledge 16. Originality 17. Persuasiveness 18. Mental alertness 19. Interest in job 20. Self-starter

There are many sources of recruitment. The following are among them: educational establishments, employee agencies, trade associations, job centers, advertising.


1. Prepare a man profile for 2-3 different professions or trades. Add the list of characteristics including at least 7-10 points. Don’t show the notes to your classmates. Let them guess what profession (trade) you are speaking about.


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