Communication in organization

Effective communication is a ... for the achievement of organizational objectives. The importance of communication problems has at times been ... there are, after all, other types of problemsbut the ... of poor communication can be enormous.

The of communication is illusive because it is intertwined with so many other subjects. Effective communication is, for example, an part of effective leadership, decision making, motivation, the management organizational conflict, etc.

Communication in organization is here defined as the process by which is transmitted from one person to another.

Money is the lifeblood of an organization: if organizations do not receive a ... ... they go out of business. Information plays a similar role. The flow of facts, figures and words through an organizations administration is its system.

The nature and flow of information determines how sensitive an organization to its ..., employees, changes in the market, and so on. The purpose in ... information is to plan, record, control and report the activities of the organization.

Planning. Managers need information to be able to plan how an organizations are to be used. This can be a complex process since each departments plan must ... with the other departments.

Recording. Firms are obliged to keep financial information under the .

Controlling. There are many activities in business where immediate or real time information is necessary so that the can be controlled directly. These activities include ... control, quality control, and budgetary control.

Reporting. Many different kinds of exist in business. They ... from weekly sales reports to financial reports at an Annual General Meeting. Every function within an organization is constantly ... and reported on.

Read the text once again and summarize it in 5-7 sentences.

Ex. 13. Open the brackets.

Economic Individualism Laissez-Faire

In the late seventeenth century, Louis XIV (to reign) as King of France. His finance minister, Jean Baptiste Colbert, (to ask) a manufacturer by the name of Legendre how the government might (to help) business. Legendres reply (to be) laissez nous faire (leave us alone). The expression (to become) a watchword and motto of market economy.

Today we (to interpret) laissez-faire (to mean) that absence of government intervention (to lead) to economic individualism and economic freedom. Under laissez-faire conditions, peoples economic activities (to be) their own private affairs. As consumers, they (to be) free (to spend) their incomes as they (to choose). As producers, they (to be) free (to purchase) the economic resources they (to desire) and (to use) these resources as they (to wish).

In reality, economic freedom (to be subject) almost always to restraints imposed by society for the protection and general welfare of its citizens. Prohibitions against force and fraud (to be) examples. Can you (to give) some others? Can you (to explain) why such restraints (to be) necessary?

Read the text once again and answer the questions at the end of the text.


Ex.14. Insert the missing words given below. Dont forget about Grammar.

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