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DIALOGUES. — What are the most popular games in Britain today?


— What are the most popular games in Britain today?

— Well, I suppose football and cricket.

— Are there any other outdoor games?

— Oh, there is tennis, golf, baseball and so on. Tennis is played all year round — on hard courts or grass courts in summer and on hard or covered courts in winter.

— What about horse racing?

— Oh, it's one of the most popular sports in Great Britain. Then there are, of course, walking races, running, swimming, boat races and boxing.

— I know that there are no winter sports in England. Is that


— Well, you see, the English winter isn't very severe as a rule, and we don't often have the chance of skiing, skating or tobogganing, but winter is the great time for hunting.

— Is there any golf links near London?

— Oh, yes, a great amount. There are dozens of good golf links within an hour or so of London. You ought to join a golf club if you're keen on the game.

— I think I shall if I get the chance. What about indoor games?

— Well, there is table tennis, chess, billiards and so on. By the way, do you play chess?

— Well, I do, but I'm not a professional, just an ordinary amateur.



— What kind of sports facilities have you got at schools in Russia, Mike?

— Well, in my school there is a large gym. There are also courts for badminton, basketball, football and tennis.

— I think sports facilities arc alike in our countries. In my school we also have courts for tennis, volleyball and indoor cricket. But in many schools in Britain you arc provided with accommodation for other indoor sports activities like archery, fencing, judo or boxing.

— I find boxing rude. Fencing is much more romantic.

— Well, boxing is a national sport in England though it is criticized by some people. And in some countries there is women's boxing.

— Yes, a team of women's boxing has been recently formed in Russia. But I don't think it's a good sport for women. It contradicts women's nature.

— I feel the same. And what do you think about that new craяу

— jet ski?

— Jet ski? What is it?

— They can be seen now on many beaches of Europe. They

are a kind of water motorbikes.

— Are they available for teenagers?

— Yes, you can begin jet ski at about fourteen years of age. In fact, teenagers have an advantage as they are smaller and lighter than adults and can go faster.

— Anyway, I would like to try it. I think it would be a fantastic experience!


— Hello! How are you?

— Hi! I'm fine, thanks, and you?

— I'm fine too. Did you watch a basketball match yesterday? Who was a winner?

— Of course, the American team!

— Americans are really good at basketball! They are fond of sports, aren't they?

— Of course, they are. The most popular sports in America are football, basketball and baseball.

— Everybody knows that sport makes people more organized and better disciplined. Besides, it helps us stay in good shape and keep fit. I'm sure to be healthy we should go in for sports.

— But to be healthy we should first of all eat healthy food, for example, fruit and vegetables and dairy products.

— I completely agree with you, but today a majority of people eat fast food, which is fattening.

— You are right. More than that, a lot of people smoke and drink now.

— Well, I can't but agree that people should take care of their health. I mean they should sleep seven or eight hours, eat low-fat food, have breakfast, have regular meals and go in for sports. They mustn't smoke, drink and take drugs because bad habits shorten our lives.

— I completely agree with you.

— OK. Bye! -Bye!


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